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Oakworks Alliance Wood Massage Table Packages - Oakworks Alliance portable massage table with back rest versatility builds your practice!
  • Oakworks Alliance Wood Massage Table Packages - Oakworks Alliance portable massage table with back rest versatility builds your practice!
  • Access End
  • Back rest versatility
  • Alliance Wood in use
  • Classic Face Rest (Basic Package)
  • QuickLock Face Rest (Student, Traveler)
  • Anti-Slip Pad
  • Essential Carry Case
  • Professional Carry Case
  • Table Cart (Traveler)
  • Semi-Firm Padding
  • Firm Padding
  • Cable Lock
  • Leg Block
  • Engraved Knob
  • Leg Extension
  • UltraTouch Colors
  • TerraTouch Colors
  • Optional Arm Hammock
  • Oakworks Alliance Wood Massage Table Packages

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  • Patented cable lock system constructed of high quality maple and tested aircraft quality cables
  • Wooden knobs with an easy grip band that resists oil and dirt
  • High density multi-layer padding for longevity and comfort
  • A palette of colors in our super-soft, earth friendly TerraTouch upholstery
  • Super strong leg extensions engineered for reliability and durability at every height setting
  • Back rest top with six positions and up 60 degrees of tilt

The Alliance Wood portable massage table with built-in back rest versatility builds your practice while the warmth of wood feeds all your senses. Classic design with the appeal of a beautiful wooden frame. One of the few real massage tables that is not only portable but has the added feature of a tilt top or back rest top. Save by purchasing your Alliance table in 1 of the below pre-configured packages! Click here to See all tables by Oakworks
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    With Oakworks Alliance Wood, back rest versatility builds your practice while the warmth of wood feeds all your senses. You can accommodate clients with cardiac or sinus concerns, and enhance your list of services by introducing pregnancy massage and light spa services. All our great details work with you to optimize your practice.

    • Dynamic Load: 400 lbs.
    • Weight: 32-38 lbs.
    • Widths: 27", 30"
    • Height Range: 24" to 34"
    • Length: 73"
    • Top: Back Rest
    • Standard Padding: Semi-Firm
    • Warranty on Padding: 5 year
    • Warranty on Upholstery: 5 year
    • Warranty on Table: Oakworks Limited Lifetime
    • Condition: New
    • Availability: In Stock

    • Shipping: Some optional accessories will be shipped in separate packages from table. Accessory price shown includes freight.
    • NOTICE: Made to order and may ship within 10 business days.

    • Optional Arm Hammock - The Oakworks Arm Hammock is the "must have" massage table accessory. This unique product will comfortably and easily support your client's arms when faced down in the prone position. This versatile arm rest will easily attach to any face platform, making it the perfect table accessory. Oakworks' unique design accommodates a wider range of people, with positions that work for people from 5' to 7'.
    • Back Rest Top - Easy adjustments allow six positions and up to 60 degrees of tilt. The engineered design is still light enough to be portable.
    • Patented Cable Lock System - The patented understructure is optimized for strength and durability, and is engineered for safety with aircraft quality cables and connectors.
    • Specially engineered Leg Extension - Maximum engagement, minimal splitting force for truly reliable strength and durability at all height settings.
    • Engraved Wooden Knobs - Functional beauty with easy grip band resistant to oil and dirt.
    • Indestructible Nylon Leg Blocks - Unsplittable adn indestructible, the nylon leg blocks ensure leg rigidity.
    • Semi-Firm Padding - Two and a quarter inch multi-layer, multi-density system for firmer support and comfort with easier portability. Designed for the best balance of lighter weight and comortable support.
    • Optional Firm Padding - 1 1/2" multi-layer, multi-density system provides firm support. Designed for physical therapy and athletic training needs. Weighs 1-2 pounds more than semi-firm
    • Access End - The very best client access in the industry with Oakworks unique access end panel. Rigorously tested to ensure uncompromising strength, stability and durability.
    • Classic Face Rest (Basic only) - Oakworks single-position facerest lengthens your table as much as 12 inches, while providing excellent access to your client's head, neck and shoulders in prone or supine.
    • QuickLock Face Rest (Student, Traveler) - Oakworks best-selling face rest is an invaluable support option, providing superior access with optimum comfort. The double articulating adjustability ensures a perfect fit for all body types and even helps with positioning clients with cervical injuries.
    • Anti-Slip Pad - This handy rubberized pad prevents your sheet from slipping while saving your upholstery from oil damage.
    • Professional Carry Case (Student, Traveler) - Now with 19"x 24" pocket. A non-slip shoulder strap, convenient handles and dual-slide zippers take you comfortably on the road while the durable nylon case protects your massage table in style. A large, convenient pocket keeps you prepared, even when you're on the go. Available in black only
    • Table Cart (Traveler) - Carry cases can only do so much to lighten the load, but with our unique table cart, you'll find travel a breeze. Oversized wheels provide balanced support, easy turning and superb obstacle clearance. Folds for compact storage.
    • 6" Semi-Round Bolster (Student, Traveler) - Enjoy Oakworks premium selection, softer and more supportive than any on the market. Offered exclusively by Oakworks, these cuddly-soft bolsters comfort, position and relax your clients to make your work easier and improve treatment efficacy.
    • TerraTouch Fabric - With excellent abrasion and tear resistance, the TerraTouch fabric comes in a great palette of eye-pleasing colors. Not only is the TerraTouch fabric easy to clean, it is also a soft "hand" for ultra comfort while retaining its shape.
    • UltraTouch Fabric - It is even softer than TerraTouch yet holds its shape better than any other upgraded upholstery on the market. Treat yourself and your clients to the nurturing softness of UltraTouch.
    • Designed especially for - Esthetics, Spa Treatments, Osteopathy, Reflexology, Acupuncture and Pregnancy Massage
    • Essential Carry Case (Basic Package - It has a large pocket, comes in Large and X-Large, includes shoulder strap, handles, dual-slide zippers, and is most budget friendly. Available in black only.