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Volume 1: Fascia & Myo-Fascial Techniques Video -

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Volume 1 of the Sports Massage Series Library, this video is an overview of CranioSacral and Myo-fascial Techniques and concepts which enhance athletic performance. Cranio Sacral Therapy is a refined manipulative technique for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic illness, pain and dysfunction. This practical hands-on video workshop will introduce basic palpatory skills that will be used to identify adn localize significant restrictions and imbalances in the Cranio Sacral System.

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    • Chapter 1: Introduction to Fascia
    • Chapter 2: Physiological Effects of Fascial Release
    • Chapter 3: Respiratory Diaphragm
    • Chapter 4: Thoracic Inlet -- Emotional Stress
    • Chapter 5: Visualization & Theory Behind the Technique; Recognizing a Fascial Release
    • Chapter 6: The Pelvis
    • Chapter 7: Pelvic Hand Position
    • Chapter 8: Respiratory Diaphragm Hand Position
    • Chapter 9: Thoracic Inlet Hand Position
    • Chapter 10: Cranial Base Hand Position
    • Chapter 11: Summary of Techniques
    • Chapter 12: Working the Dural Tube
    • Chapter 13: Hands-on Practice & Questions and Answers; Headaches

    • Length: 85 minutes
    • With: Richard M. Royster, M.A., LMT, C.A. of the Upledger Institute
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