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Volume 7: Establishing Sports Massage in the College Environment Video - Well known and respected in the sports massage industry.

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Benny Vaughn, a recognized pioneer and innovator in Sports Massage, reviews the state of this technique on the collegiate level, including the development of specific Sports Massage Departments.  He shares his insights on the opportunities this area affords in working with young athletes who will achieve world class status, or simply become weekend warrior sports enthusiasts.

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    • Interview
    • Chapter 1: Sports Massage in the Collegiate Setting
    • Chapter 2: The College Sports Massage System
    • Chapter 3: The U. of Florida Sports Massage Setting
    • Chapter 4: How to Get Into Sports Massage
    • Chapter 5: Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 6: Sports Massage: A Bright Future

    • Length: 112 minutes
    • With: Benny Vaughn, A.T.C., LMT, Southeastern Sports Massage
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