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Item # SSPMP12
Pedicure Hot Stone Set 12 Piece Set - Perfect hot stones for a pedicure.

Disclaimer : We are aware many of our images are blurry and we are working on it. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Genuine Basalt Stones
  • Hand Washed and Paired Stones

Our 12 piece Pedicure Hot Stone set is perfect for pedicures.  This set contains 8 toe stones and 4 medium working stones for effleurage.  But, we put more thought into it than that.

Our massage stones are genuine Basalt stones imported from the beaches of Central and South America. Basalt stones are know for the heat retaining properties and are perfect for hot stone massage work. 

We wash our stones, hand sort and cull them, and pair them up for size and consistency for each set.  We know you'll be happy with them.

We ship our stones in their natural state, washed, but un-oiled for hypoallergenic safety.  Once oiled, your stones will take on a darker color and sheen, the same as those shown in our pictures. 


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    Our 8 toes stones are not just simply 8 small stones, but instead we actually take the time to pair them up so that you generally have 2 (one left foot and one right foot) large enough for the gap of your big toes, then 4 medium toe stones, and then another 2 smaller toe stones for the gaps near your pinky toes. 

    The 2 pairs (4 total) of medium working stones are chosen for their size to be right for working the calf muscles and the soles of the feet.  One set of two are stones that are more flat, and the other 2 are more round.  We have done this to give you the ability to choose how  you want to work the muscles, with the option to roll the larger stones for a broader effect, or use the two flatter ones for more focused work.  


    • Availability: In Stock
    • Condition: New
    • Stone Type: Basalt
    • Toe Stones: 8
    • Working Stones: 4

    • 8 toes stones
    • 4 medium working stones