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Item # ANABBS4
Budget Bucky life size skeleton
  • Budget Bucky life size skeleton
  • Budget Bucky Skeleton - This budget skeleton is great for reference or education.
  • Budget Bucky Removeable Hands
  • Budget Bucky skeleton with hanging hook is 5 feet 5 inches tall
  • Budget Bucky skeleton sitting position.

Disclaimer : We are aware many of our images are blurry and we are working on it. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Perfect for education or reference
  • Articulated bones are separate for ease of display and positioning
  • Removeable Arms and Legs
  • Includes anatomical features like herniated lumbar disk, 3 removable teeth, suture lines, spring-loaded, movable jaw, etc.
This Budget Bucky life size human skeleton model is suitable for reference or education, while being less taxing on the budget than other similar products on the market. 4th quality rating meaning it's good for your budget. Don't pay for the fine details if you don't need them.
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    A life-size adult skeletal model with articulated joints. This inexpensive model does not demonstrate the subtle textures of each type of bone but does demonstrate the proportion and position of each bone in the skeleton system. You can remove the arms or the legs for close-up examination. Features nerve branches, vertebral artery, and herniated lumbar disk. Also, the skull includes a moving jaw, cut calvarium, suture lines and three removeable lower teeth.

    Please read the information presented about the quality of this item. 4th quality items are on a lower grade than 1st quality items. However, we believe that they are still suitable for education or reference, and are available at a much lower price.

    Budget Bucky® 4th quality may be imperfect, discolored, unfinished, or have missing hardware, though usually minor.
    This adult skeleton features a hanging hook at the top of the life size skull, jointed arms and legs, and a movable jaw on springs. It is made of durable plastic.

    All sales of 4th quality goods are final. We will not accept returns.

    Weighs about 36 pounds and is 5'5" tall

    Light assembly is required.

    The legs of your Budget Bucky ® Skeleton are attached as follows:

    • Remove wing nut from screw that is attached to ball of femur.
    • Thread screw thru hole in hip socket.
    • Tighten wing nut onto screw at hip, repeat for both legs.
    • Make sure the brass colored “adaptor” piece is affixed to threaded area at bottom of spine support rod.

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    • height: 5' 6"
    • Quality: Fourth
    • Name: Budget Bucky
    • Condition: New
    • Availability: In Stock
    • Articulated Joints - Joints are separated for ease of movement, storage, etc.
    • Removable Hands and Feet - Separate the hands and feet for closer examination.
    • Movable Jaw - Jaw opens and shuts, and is spring-loaded.
    • Removable Teeth - Three teeth can be removed from the skull.
    • Anatomical Features - nerve branches, vertebral artery, herniated lumbar disk, cut calvarium, suture lines
    • 1 Life size Budget Bucky articulated human skeleton