Why Buy Astra-Lite Massage Tables

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Revised: 11-15-2018

Astra-Lite massage tables and equipment are no longer available.

IMPORTANT UPDATES: While we believe that Astra-Lite manufactured high quality light weight massage tables that were proudly made in the USA, and has thousands of satisfied customers, it is clear that we need to add this revision to our original article. Everything in our original article still holds true, but sadly, it seems that Astra-lite has permanently closed it's doors. We are no longer able to offer any Astra-lite branded products, and we do not have any parts in stock. We have decided to keep their information on our website for the purposes of future reference. If you needed a super light weight massage table hand made in the USA, Astra-Lite was the one to look at. Each one was hand crafted. and their their quality was unsurpassed.

Original article content follows:

We at Massage King asked Astra-Lite what makes them different; what makes their tables better. In short, why would someone buy an Astra-Lite massage table. Here is what he said.


For these specific reasons our company (Established 1984) has gathered a loyal following from a variety of International Therapists, Trainers, MD's and Doctors of Chiropractic. We get a two-thumbs-up rating from these Healing Professionals who work on athletes competing in the Olympics and World Games to professional players of football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey and golf. Our Treatment Tables have as well been an excellent tool for Healing Professionals at major universities and colleges across North America, Europe, Asia and South America.


Astra-Lite Tables easily support our suggested weight loads of 350 to 450 pounds (Live Weight tested to 1,600lbs. and Static Weight tested to 2000lbs.)

Our Lightweight Treatment Tables range in weight from 21.75lbs. to 26.5lbs. And with one of our optional supporting Head Cradles you only add a mere 1.75lbs.

Via our patented geometric design that prevents side swaying; our strong lightweight portable tables deliver rock solid stability! Knowing that other manufactures required their table to be heavy in order to achieve stability (all-be-it back-breaking to carry) we designed a portable table that would stabilize itself via the weight provided by one’s own client! Because the massage table is light in weight the added bonus is that it is easily transportable by even the most petite of persons.

All table legs and cables are recessed (tucked in and away) providing the Healing Professional the maximum amount of leg room whether sitting or standing!
With a Quick Push Button on the Telescoping Legs, table height and level are easily attained even on the most irregular of surfaces. Included is a unique hidden
locking mechanism that does away with the senseless scratching or bruising caused by an exterior latch! As well, this hidden lock that is built into the handle promotes streamlined 5-second set-up time.

Astra-Lite's Portable Treatment Tables come in two different designs and in four different widths with a variety of foam and head cradle options therefore accommodate a variety of modalities including but not limited to Swedish Massage, Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Trager, Hands On Healing, Zero Balancing, Reiki, Myo-Facial Release and Acupuncture.

Backed by a Five Year Warranty against defects in material and/or workmanship to a Lifetime Warranty* (*Table Legs on Professional Models only).

Even in less than optimum conditions our tables have been challenged and passed with flying colors on rafting trips on the Colorado River, backpacking excursions in the High Sierras, Bicycling Competitions in Europe and even on rugged Mission Trips in the small villages of South America and India.

All Astra-Lite Tables are 100% manufactured from start to finish in the U.S.A. on the coastline of the Monterey Bay in Watsonville California.

Robert Herrera CEO
Astra-Lite Inc.

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