Differences Between Massage Lubricant Types

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What Are Massage Lubricants?

Massage tables, massage table sheets, bolsters, and lubricants are basic equipment needed to start a massage business. Finding the best deals on massage equipment, tools, and supplies is not a walk in the park. Prioritizing the safety, comfort, and health of clients takes a lot of consideration. But investing in quality products in the early phases will benefit you more because quality products are built to last.

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Top-quality massage equipment is best coupled with ample stocks of lubricants such as oil, gel, cream, and lotion because lubricants significantly affect the outcome of the massage experience. They enhance the glide of the hands across the client’s skin and give the grip needed to maintain contact. Securing sufficient amounts of a variety of lubricants will help your business thrive and cater to a wide range of customers.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

People get a massage to relieve stress and anxiety, improve blood circulation, enhance immunity, speed up muscle recovery, and increase mobility, to name a few. Using the lubricant suitable for the client’s needs will make them satisfied, getting the maximum benefits of massage. Read on to learn more about the difference between oil, gel, cream, and lotion for massage.


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Oils are the most commonly used lubricants by massage therapists. They have slicker consistency than other lubricants. Because of that, they offer more glide than grip. They can give a comfortable and warm feeling to both the massage therapist’s hands and the client’s skin. They are also slow to absorb to the skin, making them cost-effective. The downsides of using oils as massage lubricants are the greasy feeling they leave on the skin and the tendency of oil drips to stain clothing, towels, and sheets.


Lotions are the quickest to absorb into the skin, among other lubricants. Because of that, they have the shortest glide, making them perfect for deeper tissue massage. They allow better grip needed to apply more pressure to the area being massaged. As a result, they help for better muscle tension release. On the other hand, they can be costly to use with some massage techniques because of frequent reapplication. And the use of low-cost lotions can even be more costly in the long run than expensive creams.


Creams feel thicker than oils, giving a better grip that allows working on deeper tissues. They absorb to the skin but not as quickly as lotions. Because of their consistency, they are less likely to stain clothes, towels, and sheets. They are most suitable for massaging one area at a time, such as for muscle soreness relief.


Gels have a similar consistency to creams, except that they do not contain oil. They are usually colorless and transparent. They can be better than massage oils and best used in longer massages such as Swedish and Hot Stone massages. In addition, they are most suited to clients with very dry skin or lots of hair. They provide the best glide during massage. They stay on the body longer, not needing frequent applications. Also, they feel light and non-greasy to the skin.

Choosing what lubricant to use is primarily based on personal preferences and needs. But understanding their characteristics helps to decide which is most suitable for different situations. Additionally, having these choices and using the most appropriate lubricant complement your efforts in putting up the lightest yet durable aluminum frame massage table and the softest sheets. Use oil if light touch is preferred, the greasy feeling is fine, and staining clothes around is not a problem. On the other hand, use creams and lotions for deeper tissue massage.

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