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About this Chakra Reference Guide: Beautifully illustrated Chakra reference guide poster.

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  • Amina Re Chakra Reference Guide

Amina Re Chakra Reference Guide

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Explore one of the ancient healing systems in this Guide to the Body's Energy Centers. Accessible to all who want to learn more about the Chakra system. Vivid color and symbolic imagery depicts physical, elemental, psychological, and spiritual components of each chakra. 24" x 36" full color art print.

We also sell Chakra stones. Chakra stones are available in either a boxed set of 7 Large stones, or a bag of 7 small stones.  See images below.

What makes this Chakra Reference Guide different?

  • Clear, concise text describes the location, energetics and imbalances of each chakra.
  • Affirmations and steps to take towards chakra balancing guide the reader to better health.
  • Correspondences, such as music, stones, and oils are listed.
  • This is perfect for bodyworkers and healing centers.
  • 24" x 36" size is large enough for wall display.

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Set of 7 small Chakra Stones optional add on to your order.

Boxed set of 7 large Chakra stones optional add-on to your order.

Chakra Reference Guide Chart 24 x 36 inches.

More Information about the Amina Re Chakra Reference Guide

This Chakra System reference guide chart is a beautiful full color poster that clearly explains the difference chakras of the body for both you and your client to reference.  This will help make it easier for you to explain your approach to treatment, and gives your client who may not be as versed in the body's Chakra energy centers a visual that will help them understand so both you and they can be in sync with your treatment methodology.

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