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Headrests and face rests for massage tables and massage chairs. There are generally three types of massage tables; those designed for a headrest attachment that is separate from the table, and those that have a face hole built into the table, and those that have neither. And, it is very important to remember that headrests from one massage table manufacturer do not necessarily fit in the headrest holes on a table from another manufacturer. Some do, some don't. But for tables made since about 2009, Earthlite and Stronglite headrests are interchangeable.

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BodyWorks Flannel Headrest Covers 6 pack - Massage table flannel headrest covers - 6 for $19.95!  Reg $24.99
Retail: $21.95
Price: $19.95
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BodyWorks Therapy Equipment Item #: BWACRCVFL -

Made from a heavy-weight 100% cotton flannel, these high-quality headrest covers offer exceptional comfort, durability and value. Combed on each side to create an extra soft two-sided flannel, they have an extra soft and luxurious feel that your clients will appreciate, and are reversible for additional wear. Generously sized to fit all standard headrests, and offered in your choice of two soft colors, these headrest covers are easy care, and machine washable. Offering unsurpassed value, these...

Fitted Disposable Headrest Covers - 50pk - Stays on the head rest cushion, not the face, when you client lifts their head.
Price: $9.99
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MassageKing Item #: VTISC -

These soft massage chair and massage table headrest covers fit all crescent-shaped face rests and are spunbound of non-woven cotton. Ideal for out-call chair and table massage practices. Say goodbye to loose-fitting covers that have to be tucked in or slide off of your table and chair headrest every time your client moves and adjusts position! These disposable covers come 50 to a pack and are latex-free. A must-have accessory for any type of touch-therapy practice. 2 Selections:   ...

Core Products Max-Relax Face Cushion - Transform any flat surface into a clinical table!
Price: $59.99
Availability: In Stock
Core Products Item #: CPIAMRFC -

Core Products Memory Foam Face Cradle - Be prepared for your home massage therapist!
Price: $63.96
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Core Products Item #: CPIAMFC -

Our Memory Foam Face Cradle conforms more comfortably to your face. We’ve taken a resilient, therapeutic foam base and layered it with memory foam to provide added comfort. We use the highest quality material in all of our products to ensure years of comfort and use. High-quality memory foam is the key to the Memory Cradle. The four-inch-high foam is precision cut for more consistent performance. The cover is available with a soft, comfortable, fleece sherpa that’s easy to remove...

Massage Table Headrest Platform - Compatible with many massage tables.
Retail: $65.00
Price: $59.95
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MassageKing Item #: BWAHRP -

This replacement headrest platform comes with a 90 day warranty covering replacement upon return of the damaged one. The rods on this headrest are 3/4 of an inch thick. Once the adjustment lever is tightened down, the rods rest at 8-1/8 apart from the center of one rod to the center of the other rod, and 8-3/4 apart from outside to outside.

EarthLite Samadi-Pro Polar Fleece Blanket - Lightweight yet warm!
Retail: $39.99
Price: $33.99
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EarthLite Massage Item #: ELAFBP -

EarthLite's Premium Microfiber Fleece Blanket is a high quality brushed microfiber fleece blanket, that is lightweight yet still warm. It's the softest most comfortable blanket available from Earthlite. Because of its incredible warming capabilities some other people call this polar fleece.Lightweight, soft, and warm; it's what you want in a blanket. Available in two colors.Washable. In fact, you get the warmth and softness to the touch like flannel, but this material doesn't "pill" or "ball...

Oakworks Arm Hammock - Arm support made comfortable and easy!
Retail: $35.00
Price: $33.50
Availability: In Stock
Oakworks Item #: OWAAH -

With the Oakworks Arm Hammock you can eliminate that awkward feeling your patients may experience by not knowing where to place their arms. This versatile are rest will easily attach to any face platform, making it the perfect table accessory. Our unique design accommodates a wider range of people with positions that work for people from 5' to 7'.

Oakworks Prone Pillow - Superior comfort for positive treatment!
Price: $71.99
Availability: In Stock
Oakworks Item #: OWAPP -

Pisces Double Tilt FaceRest - A dream to operate!
Price: $85.00
Availability: In Stock
Pisces Productions Item #: PIAHRDT -

Replacement Massage Table Headrest Cushion - Replacement headrest cushion fits almost every massage table
Retail: $34.99
Price: $29.99
Availability: In Stock
MassageKing Item #: EGAHRC -

Replacement face rest cushion for massage tables. It will fit most headrest platforms. However the velcro does not always line up perfectly but will most always line up enough so that the cushion will stay firmly in place (after all, it is impossible to design a cushion to fit EVERY pattern perfectly).  The brand of cushion you receive when ordering this specific item may not be the same brand as your table but will work with your current headrest if the platform is a flat horseshoe or...

StrongLite Double Action Plus Face Rest Vintage Replacement - Fits StrongLite tables with headrest holes that are 11 inches apart.
Retail: $79.00
Price: $77.00
Availability: In Stock
StrongLite Item #: FR11 -

You've had your Stronglite massage table for years and years, and love it! Like all moving parts, some things eventually wear out. This Double Action face rest is the original design and will perfectly fit older model Stronglite tables where the holes for the headrest are 11 inches apart and about 1/4 of and inch thick. The headrest platform adjusts in both height and angle, and the cushion is available in several Stronglite colors. And of course, if folds away to be stored inside your massage...

Oakworks QuickLock Face Rest Head rest platform frame.
Retail: $75.00
Price: $64.00
Availability: In Stock
Oakworks Item #: OWAFRPQL -

This face rest platform is an invaluable support option to improve your clients comfort on your massage table. It can help provide superior access with optimum comfort. The double articulating adjustability ensures a perfect fit for all body types and even helps with positioning clients with cervical injuries. This best-selling face rest has been the industry standard for over 15 years. It offers the widest range of adjustment in height and angle and boasts the strongest construction for...