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Avoid the mess and confusion of mixing your own essential oils or blends in a solution by purchashing our pre-mixed blends. Our distributors have created these popular blends and will ship them straight to you for immediate use -- no messy mixing, tedious testing, or spoiled scents.

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Essential 3 Jasmine/Fractionated Coconut Diluted Oil - Jasminum Officinale
Price: $19.49
Availability: Discontinued
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Produced by solvent extraction the oil is dark in color and has a beautiful perfume with a sweet, floral, exquisitely extravagant odor. Jasmine blends well with Rose(s), Sandalwood(s), Clary Sage, Lemon, Orange and Bergamot. To keep this oil at its best, keep cool, ideally in the refrigerator. This helps protect the oil. Jasmine is used extensively in cosmetics and high-class perfumery. The dried flowers are also used in jasmine tea. Jasmine takes large quantities of flowers to produce small...

Essential 3 Melissa/Fractionated Coconut Diluted Oil - Melissa Officinalis
Price: $15.74
Availability: Discontinued
Essential 3 Item #: E3DOMJ -

Essential 3 dilutes are a uniquely formulated blend of pure essential oil or absolute diluted in pure fractionated coconut carrier oil (5% essential oil to 95% fractionated oil). They have been created as a blend for a ready to use treatment for small areas or applied to pulse points. Dilutes not only save time but also reduce the cost of these valuable oils to an affordable blend.

Essential 3 Neroli/Fractionated Coconut Diluted Oil - Citrus Aurantium
Price: $29.82
Availability: Discontinued
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This oil is believed to be named after a princess of Nerola in Italy, who wore the essential oil as a fragrance. The flowers were also used in bridal bouquets to calm and soothe nervous apprehensions. The infusion of the dried flowers has also been used in Europe as a mild stimulant. The distillation water, known as Orange flower water is commonly used in cosmetics. Blends with all essential oils and particularly useful in flower water for all skin types to soothe, freshen and heal. Neroli is...

Essential 3 Rose Morocco/Fractionated Coconut Diluted Oil - Rosa Damascena
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Price: $23.95
Availability: Discontinued
Essential 3 Item #: E3DORMJ -

In Aromatherapy it is believed to aid conception and to regulate and balance the menstrual cycle. Use in a massage blend, bath or a vaporizer. Not only for the body, Rose is also for the mind, alleviating stress, emotional and some sexual problems. Rose is extracted in two ways, by water distillation or by hydrocarbon solvent extraction. The Distillation method results in an oil (or Otto) and the Extraction method with an ‘Absolute’. Both extracts are equally pure, but the different methods...

Essential 3 Rose Otto (Bulgaria)/Fractionated Coconut Diluted Oil - Rosa Damascena
Price: $32.44
Availability: Discontinued
Essential 3 Item #: E3DOROJ -

Rose is used extensively in perfumery, cosmetics and toiletries. A fragrance in its own right, it is also added to quality fragrances in everyday household materials. The Absolute is red to amber in color, with a rich, luxurious, sweet, fruity, floral odor. The Rose was the first flower from which an essential oil was ever distilled, and is therefore affectionately known as ‘the Queen of Flowers’. The great Arab physician, Avicenna is credited with having discovered the method of distilling...