Bean Products

Bean Products

Bean Products is a small, home-grown business based in Chicago, IL and dedicated to universal comfort. Our Founder Chuck Blumenthal and the folks here at Bean Products began making Sleeping Bean Body Pillows in 1987 and we have grown to one of the leaders in manufacturing useful, long-lasting, and (most importantly) products that have minimal impact on our environment.

Bean Products Bagel Stability Ring

(only $22.99)

The Bagel Stability Ring surrounds your fitness ball for effective stability. The added stability allows beginners a safer workout. Can increase exercise variations for advanced users. The Bagel can also turn your ball into a safe and stable ergonomic office chair. Includes an instruction poster and double action pump.

Bean Products Deluxe Meditation Bench

(only $70.00)

Kneeling with our Meditation Bench provides a very comfortable alternative for those who have difficulty in cross-legged sitting meditation. The Meditation Bench reduces knee, hip, ankle and back stress with effortless spine alignment. The special curved bottom surface of the legs allow you to slightly adjust spine and pelvis alignment better than a fixed flat bottom bench. Made with beautiful natural hardwoods and clear satin finish. 18"L x 7.5"H x 5.5"W .

Bean Products Iso Ball Set

(only $29.99)

The isoballs develop tone and strength while practicing graceful movements that enhance balance. Compact and practical, they can go anywhere for use in any location.

Bean Products Maternity Pillow

(only $49.00)

Our Maternity Pillow is uniquely designed to support the growing belly and the lower back at the same time. It features an adjustable velcro pad between the two support cushions for your personal comfort and convenient carry handles. Made from 100% natural cotton cover and filled with premium hypo allergenic polyfill. Machine washable and dry able. The Maternity Pillow aids in side lying sleep, the prefered position for pregnant woman.
Available in Natural, White and Granny Stripe (blue and white ticking stripe).

Bean Products Pilates Core Board

(only $24.99)

Pilates Core Board provides comfort and versatility for core training. Stand on the Pilates Core Board with one or two legs for balance training and physical therapy. Excellent for yoga, skiing, golf, martial arts, soccer and any other activity that requires good balance and lower body strength and agility.

Bean Products Pilates Ring

(only $23.99)

Padded Pilates Ring is an essential tool for any effective Pilates workout. The world renowned Pilates mat workout requires a Pilates ring for many leg and arm exercises. Core strength naturally occurs while using the Pilates Ring during a mat workout. Inexpensive and long lasting.

Bean Products Pilates Tubes

(only $23.99)

Build strength and flexibility with our Pilates tubes and video. Great for portable fitness, toning and maintaining strength. Hundreds of exercises can be performed safely with these resistance tubes. Effective for rehabilitation of injuries and physical therapy.

Bean Products Pranayama Cushion

(only $35.00)

In line with the spine, our pranayama cushion will help your chest expand for better breathing. Horizontally it supports the mid back in a gentle back bend. 30" L x 6" x 6"

Bean Products Rectangle Yoga Bolster

(only $49.00)

Designed for a variety of active and restorative yoga positions, our bolsters firmly support your body for total relaxation and deeper effectiveness. Filled with natural cotton batting around a foam core. Removable cotton covers are machine washable. Hand made in the USA. 24"W x 6"H x 12"D

Bean Products Sinus Mask

(only $25.00)

Hot or cold get relief with our special Hydro-gel filled wraps for your sinus and head. Semi-solid glycerin/water based gel molds to your form and maintains its shape. The solid gel can't leak even if punctured. To use as a moist hot wrap, heat in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and feel relief for up to 30 minutes. Freeze and get 30 minutes of flexible, therapeutic cold that reduces swelling and pain. Hand washable covers are made from unbleached cotton twill. Will last you a lifetime. Give yourself the care you deserve. One size fits all.

Bean Products Whale Therapeutic Back Bench

(only $499.00)

The Whale Therapeutic Back Bench is a multi use tool designed to stretch and elongate the spine while rejuvenating and energizing the entire body! By positioning oneself in a gentle backbend the spine is stretched in a way opposite to that required by normal everyday activities thus reversing this tendency toward forward rounding.

Bean Products Yoga Duffel Bag

(only $28.00)

Designer Yoga bag that does it all.
Made from the same micro fiber backed with pvc commonly used in backpacks.
This versatile yoga duffel has 2 outside pockets and can hold any size mat, 2 blocks, towel, a change of cloths and much more.

Bean Products Yoga Mat Bag

(only $25.00)

Our extra large, durable and stylish Yoga Mat bag will hold even extra thick yoga mats and other tools such as towel, block, and water bottle. The Yoga Mat Bag has a sturdy zipper running its full length making it effortless to put your mat into the bag ...which cannot be said of the standard tube designed bag that sticks to the mat as you attempt to put it into the tiny opening. Also features and outside zipper pocket for all your small essentials and a large carrying shoulder strap. Made from 100% cotton in denim, black, navy blue and purple.

Bean Products Yoga Monster Mat

(only $29.00)

Our Yoga Monster mat came from the desire to provide the finest yoga sticky mat at the best price. Yoga Monster mat is 140% thicker measuring 1/4" thickness and with more density. We wanted a mat that was longer than 68" so that we wouldn't have to adjust our position so often to stay on the mat such as having your face be on the mat during chattaranga rather than touching the studio floor. Yoga Monster mat is 72 inches long which accommodates taller people as well.

Bean Products Yoga Starter Set

(only $36.00)

The yoga starter set has every yoga prop that you could ever need to study yoga. The set also comes with the Carnagie Yoga Guide, specially written to provide all the information necessary to study yoga.

Bean Products Yoga Strap

(only $12.75)

Yoga straps deepen your Yoga practice by extending your reach. Intensify the shoulder stretch in twists, enhance your hip and groin flexibility in bound angle baddha konasana) or increase your hamstring openness in seated forward bends. 1 1/2 inch wide sturdy Cotton Webbing.