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At Peace Media

Specializing in relaxation CDs, this company is the premier source for massage therapy-related CDs. Unlike many "relaxing" cds, whose songs seem to eb and flow with energy, these CDs are universally relaxing and consistently popular.




At Peace Media Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Level III

(only $24.95)

Lomi Lomi Level Three features Native Hawaiian Ken Ng, who, along with Tamara Mondragon, shares methods used to massage the side of the body. The positioning of the body and the release techniques revealed here have been used for thousands of years by Hawaiians, yet are still relevant to modern day massage practice.

Also available: Lomi Lomi Level I and II DVD's

Reg $39.00

At Peace Media "Comfort Music" Sampler

(only $7.99)

Tired of purchasing CD's without listening to them first? Now you don't have to with this At Peace Media "Comfort Music" sampler. With a couple of songs played from a variety of At Peace Media CD's, you can listen to all of them before purchasing the whole CD.

At Peace Media Aleutian Meditation

(only $10.99)

David J. Hinz composed, played, arranged and produced this uplifting, acoustic, instrumental composition. Sophisticated and soulful layering of flutes, sonorous synthesizer, the gentle lapping of ocean waves and the wistful sound of Orca whales makes this music ideal as an accompaniment to massage, meditation, yoga and contemplation.

At Peace Media Forearm Dance Video

(only $74.50)

Val Guin's Forearm Dance™ is a NEW practitioner-friendly, instructional massage program that focuses on giving a full body curculatory massage combined with the depth and muscular separation found in deep tissue work. Discover an invigorating, groundbreaking massage technique that combines efficient body mechanics with the use of only the Forearm and Olecranon as tools.

At Peace Media Frozen Shoulder Video

(only $74.50)

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome, which is also known as Adhesive Capsulitis, is a mysterious orthopedic condition, and the proper massage techniques can help offer the patient some relief.  This DVD will help educate you in everything from appropriate condition specific massage therapy, the causing factors to the prognosis.

Frozen Shoulder is very painful and difficult to heal but massage can be a major part of the solution. This video seminar instructs you on treatment of this condition giving you tools to access this therapy. You will learn to access and treat shoulder mobilization, traction for shoulder joint, breaking down holding patterns and more.

This DVD programs is NCBTMB approved for 4 contact hours (0.4 credits) of approved Continuing Education Credits.

At Peace Media Harmony Massage Oil

(only $8.45)

Experience peace and rejuvenation with our Harmony Massage Oil or Harmony Lotion. These oils penetrate deeply and offer great glide without staining or leaving sticky residue.

At Peace Media Avalon CD

(only $10.99)

Traditional Welsh, Scots and Irish arrangements and original songs composed and performed by Stephanie Bennett on wire strung Celtic harp, nylon strung Celtic harp, pedal harp and keyboards, accompanied by musicians playing Uilleann pipes (Irish bagpipes), pennywhistle, tenor recorder, soprano recorder, flute and cello.

At Peace Media CD Water

(only $10.99)

Relaxing and inspiring music that can open the mind body and senses. Contemporary, acoustic, instrumental music for massage meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, relaxation, stress-relief or for pure enjoyment!

At Peace Media Chair Massage Video

(only $34.95)

Bodywork videos abound yet choosing the right ones can be difficult. The Massage Master Class Series of videos brings the world's leading massage and bodywork instructors right into your home or studio. Learn step-by-step instructions, view detailed, up-close video footage, listen to expert voice narrations, helpful recaps and answers to frequently asked questions.

At Peace Media Classical Relaxation CD

(only $10.99)

Classical music by Mozart, Saint-Saens, Bach, Beethoven, Albinoni and Dvorak, arranged, performed and recorded live on keyboards and piano, accompanied by musicians playing flutes, oboe, English horn, viola and harp.

At Peace Media Esalen Massage DVD

(only $39.95)

Enjoy our 40th Anniversary Edition of the ESALEN MASSAGE video. This high production value program features more that 15 talented Esalen Institute massage therapists. How do you keep your practice fresh and fun? This program has ideas and massage moves to help do just that.

At Peace Media Flow

(only $10.99)

An assortment of gently flowing melodies and a rich layered, acoustic instrumentation including flutes, guitar, harps, percussion and piano guide the user to a mellow state.

At Peace Media Guided Meditations

(only $10.99)

Ideal for beginners to meditation, this CD will guide you through the most fundamental Buddhist meditation practices, and is a straightforward guide to working with your mind in order to become calmer and happier.

At Peace Media Harmony (The Esalen Soundtrack)

(only $14.95)

The soundtrack to the award-winning Esalen Massage Video features flutes, harp and percussion.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Level I DVD

(only $36.00)

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is an ancient modality of healing massage founded in Hawaii.

This massage DVD teaches you the basic techniques of the art of Lomi Lomi massage, including the four basic strokes. You will learn a full body Hawaiian massage, with Julie Stowell instructing and Tamara Mondragon narrating.  

At Peace Media Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Level II

(only $24.95)

Continue learning the magical touch of the islands, known as "the dance of massage" with Tamara Mondragon and her son Matthew, both experts in narrating and demonstrating the deeper techniques of this ancient healing art.

Reg $39.00

At Peace Media Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

(only $34.95)

Discover a unique combination of Swedish and sports massage in the head, neck and shoulder area and how to sequence and integrate it into a full body massage.

At Peace Media Hearts Together

(only $14.95)

Impressionistic music envelops the listener into an almost hypnotic relaxation. Previously titled "Spirit Wood", this music collection features a hypnotic yet relaxing blend of flutes, gamelan, guitar, harps, keyboards, koto, percussion and piano.

At Peace Media Holiday Collection

(only $19.95)

Peace on Earth-A personal selection of Christmas classics. Michael Benghiat performs on guitars and keyboards with Stephanie Bennett on harp, Phil Feather on oboe and Brice Martin on flutes and recorders. Holly and Ivy-Let the music of Stephen Cohn take you to a quiet place within your heart and inspire your holiday spirit. Serene instrumental sounds from a variety of cultures elicit the universality of the true meaning of the holidays and of inner peace.

At Peace Media Holly & Ivy

(only $14.95)

A remarkably relaxing winter-holiday CD from Stephen Cohn. Let the music of Stephen Cohn take you to a quiet place within your heart and inspire your holiday spirit. Serene instrumental sounds from a variety of cultures elicit the universality of the true meaning of the holidays and of inner peace.

At Peace Media Lumiere CD

(only $10.99)

Delight in Baroque classics by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi and Gluck, all selected, arranged and performed on keyboards, pedal and folk harps by Stephanie Bennett joined by an ensemble of musicians playing flutes, cello and recorders.

At Peace Media Massage Master Video Set

(only $84.95)

Learn step-by-step instructions, view detailed, up-close video footage, listen to expert voice narrations, helpful recaps and answers to frequently asked questions. Our Massage Master Video Set includes 3 videos from At Peace Media: Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage, Reflexology Volume 1 & Reflexology Volume 2.

At Peace Media Meditation

(only $10.99)

This CD offers a tranquil musical landscape created by flutes, guitar, harps, keyboards, percussion and piano. MEDITATION provides one full hour of constant tranquility and is one of our top-selling CD releases.

At Peace Media Nature's Gift CD

(only $10.99)

Original piano compositions with additional orchestral instrumentation including keyboards, windchimes, and wind and bird sounds on several tracks.This CD is an edited version of the previously released CD, UNIVERSAL LOVE CURRENTS.

At Peace Media Oasis

(only $10.99)

Rich, engaging music keeps the listener focused on their relaxed senses. Mediterranean inspired music featuring the soulful and sensuous sounds of the duduk, an Armenian wind instrument, the oud, a middle-eastern lute and the violin.

At Peace Media Peace On Earth

(only $14.95)

Holiday music for relaxation from the producer of the award-winning Esalen soundtrack.

At Peace Media Reflexology V.1 Video

(only $39.95)

Whether you are a beginner or experienced massage therapist, you can become more knowledgeable and confident about the nerve-rich areas of the feet. Rhonda Funes has been practicing and teaching reflexology for 15 years. In this video, she demonstrates basic and advanced reflexology techniques that anyone can use. Her mission is simple - to help you achieve maximum results from correct and easily applied reflexology techniques.

At Peace Media Reflexology V.2 Video

(only $39.95)

Consumers and healthcare practitioners alike are embracing reflexology as a valuable healing process and tried and true method of relaxation and stress-relief. This video shows you how to accesses energy flow within the body through "pressure sensors" on the hands and ears to aid health and stress-relief, prevent disease, reduce pain and improve the quality of life.

At Peace Media Reflexology Video Special

(only $54.95)

Purchase our NEW At Peace Media Reflexology Set for a special introductory price of $54.95! This set includes the Reflexology, Volume 1: The Feet video and the Reflexology, Volume 2: The Hands and Ears video by master reflexologist Rhonda Funes, both from our acclaimed Massage Master Class Series.

At Peace Media Sacred Light CD

(only $10.99)

The healing voice and timeless instruments guide listeners to a state of deep peace, and sacred stillness. Original compositions of musical prayers and visionary improvisations, performed by Ruth Cunningham, singer, flutist, sound healer and former member of the acclaimed vocal quartet, Anonymous 4 and Diana Stork, harpist, composer and Director of the award-winning Festival of Harps and the Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble.

At Peace Media Serena

(only $10.99)

This tranquil massage sound track will allow your client's minds to seek total serenity. This track is great for your massage cds collection.

At Peace Media Serena's Garden CD

(only $10.99)

A lush, soothing collection of original music designed to slow the rhythms of the body and the nervous system while entertaining the listener with beautiful melodies and instruments chosen from a pan-cultural palette.

At Peace Media Sky Spirit

(only $10.99)

AT PEACE MUSIC spirit CD collection - EARTH spirit, WATER spirit and SKY spirit - offer Michael's personally edited and arranged selection of tracks from the At Peace Collection by Michael Benghiat. . . this acoustic, instrumental music is used in top spas and massage schools throughout North America and is recommended by many pros as ideal for massage, meditation, yoga, pilates, aromatherapy, progressive relaxation, music therapy and healing.

At Peace Media Spirit Collection

(only $29.99)

Spirit massage music CD collection combines the best and most popular songs from At Peace Media into a 3 disc set. Used in top spas and massage schools throughout North America and recommended by many pros as ideal for massage and meditation, we know you'll be pleased with this blend of peaceful music that is both calming and uplifting.  


At Peace Media Sunlight

(only $10.99)

Crisp, enchanting rays of sun envelop the listener in a spring-like bliss. Previously titled "Return to Big Sur", this music collection offers beautiful, tranquil melodies and a rich assortment of layered, acoustic instrumentation including flutes, harps, and percussion.

At Peace Media Sunrise

(only $10.99)

Previously released as "Rainbow Bridge" gives listeners a glimpse into Michael Benghiat's curiosity and interest in non-western musical instruments and traditions. The end result is a musical performance that both elevates your spirit and grounds your consciousness in the here and now.

At Peace Media The Art of Pre-Natal Massage DVD

(only $34.95)

This Pre-Natal Massage DVD is great for the common discomforts experienced by pregnant women, including low back pain, sciatic pain, pelvic restriction, even sinus congestion!  Time tested techniques that are easy to learn. 

At Peace Media Traditional Thai Massage Book and DVD

(only $25.95)

An introductory step by step guide to this ancient art.  Likened to assisted yoga, this clothed massage increases flexibility,
range of motion, and improves the flow of energy through the “Sen lines”
of your body.   Learn how to give a one-hour, full body Thai Yoga massage with Kam Thye Chow, a master Thai bodywork professional and author. Massage therapists, physical therapists, yoga practitioners and anybody interested in expanding their knowledge in the somatic arts will find this video (and the companion book) a great addition to their instructional video library.

At Peace Media Transformation

(only $10.99)

A tranquil blend of flutes, guitar, harps, keyboards, piano, dulcimer and percussion in an uninterrupted hour of flowing harmonies delicately crafted with ultimate relaxation in mind.

At Peace Media Two Together CD

(only $10.99)

Discover orchestral music for family relaxation composed by Emmy-award winning composer/ musician, Stephen Cohn. Enjoy soothing yet modern interpretations of familiar folk melodies in a classically composed suite. Recorded in Prague, with members of The City of Prague
Philharmonic Orchestra.

Yoga CD

(only $10.99)

Whispering percussion, soulful flutes and recorders, airy piano and keyboards and sublime guitar gently blend together creating a tranquil, yet expansive musical flow. YOGA, offers life enhancing, renewing, acoustic music for yoga, meditation, relaxation, stress-relief and the healing arts.

At Peace Media Yoga Collection

(only $24.90)

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for the yoga lover in your life? We've created a special offer that includes both of Michael Benghiat's top-selling yoga music CDs from his At Peace CD Collection.

At Peace Media Yoga Pulse CD

(only $10.99)

Each music track on YOGA PULSE is designed to provide unobstrusive musical support to yoga exercises. Non repeating melodic textures allow the mind to focus on the exercises, not the music, while rhythmic textures and pulses give a flow and tempo to the workout. A variation in timbres, tempo and instrumentation adds to the balance and flow of a yoga workout. Each musical piece builds upon the previous one, and the introduction of some unexpected musical "colors" enhances the texture and interest and helps to maintain the energy and focus generated during yoga practice.