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Therion Research is the world's leading manufacturer of professional grade magnetic therapy products. Relieving your pain and inflammation and helping you feel better faster are our only concerns. Therion is extremely successful in providing natural pain relief and accelerated healing, and we are very proud of this accomplishment. Nearly 90% of people using Therion products report significant relief from their discomfort. That is more than double the positive rate reported by users of other magnetic products. Therion products are recommended by doctors and therapists and have been proven to be safe and effective by thousands of people worldwide. Our products reduce pain, inflammation, improve joint function and promote healing better and faster than any similar solution on the market. Therion products are also the safest and most effective option if you want to avoid the side effects and health risks commonly associated with pain and anti-inflammatory drugs.
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Dual Contour Pillow -
Price: $139.00
Availability: Discontinued
Item #: TRDCP -

Therion Research has closed for business (to the best of our knowledge). Hence, all of their items are no longer available. If you know otherwise, please let us know. Therion's magnetic contour foam pillows provide effective relief of neck and shoulder pain, headaches while promoting deep restorative sleep. Another outstanding benefit of this pillow is that it is excellent for clearing sinus congestion. Large, 4,300 gauss, research grade ceramic biomagnets are embedded in within the to...

Magnetic Travel Pillow -
Price: $49.46
Availability: Discontinued
Item #: TRTP -

When you're tense, the travel pillow effectively relieves neck and shoulder discomfort . Just want to unwind and take a nap on the plane or in the car, the U-shape design comfortably cradles your head to prevent neck strain while the magnetic therapy field keeps your shoulders relaxed. Therion travel pillows have 16 large, high-energy biomagnets that are strategically placed so they surround your neck and shoulders with a deep penetrating bio-north magnetic field. They are excellent for relief...