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Since 1977, Pisces has led the industry in design innovations, from the first side mounted adjustable leg system and the first inflatable face rest cushion to the first fully self contained massage chair, the Dolphin I.

Pisces Productions has gone on to create and sell some really great massage therapy equipment, and it is proudly made right here in the USA. Most of their items are made by hand at the time you order them so you can be sure the quality is top notch!

Their super light weight portable massage table is the Pisces New Wave II Light. Pisces Productions is an industry leader in USA made light weight massage tables, and the quality is hard to beat! In fact we have never had one of their massage tables returned. And their folding rolling massage stool is one of our best sellers for it's light weight and easy portability.

Pisces has a 14 day full refund policy. You can request to return their items within 14 days of receipt for a full refund. However, original shipping fees are non-refundable and the customer must pay the return shipping fees. Please inquire with us here at Massage King for a RMA # before shipping the item back.

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Pisces New Wave II Lite Massage Table Package - Lite weight massage table thats only 23.5 pounds and portable.
Retail: $631.80
Price: $629.00
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Availability: Active
Item #: PINW2L -

A lightweight massage table you will love! Whether you say light weight table, or lite weight table, at 23.5 pounds you'll be surprised just how light this massage table is when you compare it to a traditional massage table. Replacing the typical wooden top of the massage table with a woven web of straps allows for huge weight savings. And, because the woven web top also gives or flexes a bit more than the wooden deck, less padding is needed for comfort which in turn also shaves off even more...

Pisces New Wave II Hardwood Massage Table - Portable massage table with a perfect blend between the beauty of hardwood and the strength of metal
Retail: $585.00
Availability: Active
Item #: PINW2H -

The New Wave II Hardwood gives is truly the wave of the future. When purchased with the optional Woven Web Top, Triple Wrap-lite foam and Ultra Leather vinyl, it is one of the lightest full size hardwood tables available at 23 lbs. It comes with our original, industrial strength Tubular Frame, all eight corners rounded for comfort and beauty and permanently attached (welded) hinges and diagonal brace brackets. Standard Foam Face rest shown not included.

Pisces Pacifica Salon Massage Table Package - Portable combination treatment table for salon or spa.
Retail: $798.00
Price: $789.00
Availability: Active
Item #: PIPSMC -

One of the lightest full size salon massage tables available, the Pacifica was designed to make a therapist's job easier. Equipped with Pisces Production's Woven Web Top (a standard feature), the Pacifica weighs in at a remarkable 25 lbs when configured with Ultra Leather. The Pacifica comes with our original, industrial strength Tubular Frame. All eight corners rounded for comfort and beauty and welded hinges and diagonal brace brackets. Nylon washers and bushings at all joints provide...

Pisces Dolphin II Massage Chair - Pisces Dolphin II portable massage chair sits up and lays almost flat.
Retail: $675.00
Price: $649.00
Availability: Active
Item #: PID2MC -

Pisces Dolphin II massage chair has a wheeled base and is SUPER light at only 16.5 pounds. Very easy to transport. And once you've used it, its very easy to set up too! We have several chairs in stock here in our Louisiana showroom. We sell a lot of these chairs locally because therapists are able to sit on and try for themselves several different chairs in person. And once you try the Dolphin II, there is no comparison. YES, it is a unique design. Don't let the unconventional look be a worry....

Pisces Dolphinette Desk Topper Seated Massage System - When you cant lug the whole massage chair but still want to give a quality massage.
Price: $165.00
Availability: Active
Item #: PIDDT -

Our Dolphinette Desk Topper from Pisces, is a go everywhere, massage support system. It brings your therapy to any home or office, even works with clients in wheelchairs. It sets up solidly on any desk or table top and adjusts easily, providing balanced support to your client's head and chest.

Pisces Double Tilt FaceRest - adjusts in angle and height.
Price: $24.99
Availability: Active
Item #: PIAHR-- -

Platforms from Pisces Productions are the only head rest platforms that will fit Pisces Pro portable tables and chairs. You can choose from the super affordable fixed crescent platform or the super adjustable Double Tilt platform. One gives you sturdy and affordable support, and one gives you the greatest adjustment range from above the table to below; you simply lift and release - no levers or buttons to push or lock. IMPORTANT NOTE: This face rest platform will ONLY fit a Pisces...

Pisces Massage Table Cart - Sleek, stylish, and easy to use.
Retail: $145.79
Price: $139.00
Availability: Active
Item #: PIATC -

At only 8 lbs, this massage table cart is as light weight as it is sturdy and easy to use. Two locking straps keep your table firmly locked to the cart. The pouch holds your bolster, freeing your other hand to open doors.

Pisces Folding Rolling Massage Stool - Finally a foldable rolling massage stool!
Retail: $139.00
Price: $134.00
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Availability: Active
Item #: PIASTF -

This chair makes a great companion to your work, whether in the office, or on out calls with a light-weight table such as the Pisces Pro New Wave II Lite massage table. This revolutionary rolling massage stool is a massage therapist's dream come true! Fold-able, portable, rolling, and light weight at less than 5 pounds. Adjustable in height using the same pushpin technology identical to our table and fits nicely in the Pisces Production massage table travel case to carry along with...

Massage Table Cart - Fully adjustable, folds flat.
Price: $125.00
Availability: Made by Hand per Order
Item #: -PIATC -

This table cart features 2 locking straps to hold your massage table securely in place.  And when you are not using it the cart folds flat to easily fit in the trunk of your car.   Made with pride in the USA. Fully adjustable to fit all portable tables. Cart weight: 8 pounds.

Carry Case for Pisces Massage Tables - Best carry case for a Pisces massage table.
Price: $86.00
Availability: Active
Item #: PIACC -

Whether you want the Deluxe Travel Case or the Economy Travel Case, these cases from Pisces Productions are designed to fit your New Wave II Lite massage table perfectly.   The Deluxe Travel Case has top stitching highlights over rugged Nylon. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, large pouch for sheets oils and bolster and a comfortable plastic handle that wont squeeze your hand as you lift. (Color may vary: This case may arrive in either black or gray as the manufacturer transitions its'...