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STI manufacturers the Rumble Roller and Beastie line of products designed for anyone needing myofasical release.

These products are great for either the client or practitioner in both the strength training and cross training, as well as massage therapy, for use both at home and in the gym.

In fact, we find a growing number of chiropracters, occupational, and physical therapists using these products to gain additional therapy benefits for their patients.

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Rumble Roller - Gently kneads and stretches muscle and soft tissue.
Price: $49.95
Availability: Discontinued
Item #: STIRR -

The RumbleRoller is available by each or by the case, in 2 sizes, and in 2 foam densities of regular and extra firm.  Original firmness (or density) models are BLUE, extra firmness models are BLACK.  NOTE:  The extra firmness models are about 36% more firm. TWO sizes: 12" long, 5" diameter with 64 bumps or knobs. 31" long, 6" diameter, with 200 bumps. Note that the original density is appropriate for most users, and the firm density is for...