Amina Re

Amina Re

Amina Re has a BS in Psychology and Art from Towson State University, and a Massage degree from Arizona School for Integrative Studies. Her art work is collected nationally with work on permanent display at the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, Youngstown, PA, and in the Fort Smith Convention Center in Arkansas. Amina Re is currently in the certification program with the Milne Institute for Visionary Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Amina Re Chakra Reference Guide

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Explore one of the ancient healing systems in this Guide to the Body's Energy Centers. Accessible to all who want to learn more about the Chakra system. Vivid color and symbolic imagery depicts physical, elemental, psychological, and spiritual components of each chakra. 24" x 36" full color art print.

We also sell Chakra stones. Chakra stones are available in either a boxed set of 7 Large stones, or a bag of 7 small stones.  See images below.