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Hot Stone Massage DVD - A great resource for learning the techniques of hot stone massage therapy.
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Institute for Therapeutic Massage Item #: STONEVIDEOITMD -

This DVD has been one of our best sellers for hot stone massage training and as an educational resource to our customers. This DVD was originally used as part of a Hot Stone CEU curriculum. This video, produced by the Institute for Massage and Spa Therapy Education (IMSTE), is designed to show the benefits and contraindications of using hot stones while providing 2 full- body and facial demonstrations (by different therapists) to help you integrate one of the most requested spa services into...

Real Bodywork Healing Stone 2 DVD - Advanced healing stone massage techniques education.
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Real Bodywork Item #: RBHSM2DVD -

This educational stone massage DVD is 70 minutes long and covers five routines, including: The Sports massage routine which demonstrates how to use your massage stones in a pre-event sports massage. It also covers tennis elbow, knee pain and shoulder issues. This includes hot and cold stones at the same time for joint pain.  The Pregnancy massage routine combines warm stones and a side posture massage.  It is also great for anyone who has difficulty laying on their back.  The...

Real Bodywork Healing Stone Massage DVD - Take your stone massage to the next level
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Real Bodywork Item #: RBHSMDVD -

This healing stone massage dvd is taught by instructor Carollanne Chrichton who has been practicing stone massage for over 20 years.  She is also a skilled Ayurvedic practitioner, Yoga instructor, and massage therapist.

The Art & Practice of Stone Massage Video - Own the video that received 10 out of 10 rating in Massage Today!
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Aesthetic VideoSource Item #: AVSVAPSMD -

Licensed massage therapist, Meade Steadman, illustrates how to incorporate the use of hot and cold stones in full-body massage. Meade, who is also an instrutor, demonstrates how to perform the strokes (petrissage, effleurage and edging) on the different muscle groups from head to toe, while explaining the physiological effects of thermal and cryo therapy, which includes stimulation circulation, relaxing musculature, and reducing inflammation, The use of stones for healing dates back thousands...

TRI Seated Stone Experience Video and Optional CEU - Learn to apply the benefits of Hot Stone therapy when using a massage chair!
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Touch Resource Institute Item #: TRISS -

This stone video will cover the basic use of hot and cold stones to produce vascular gymnastics, pleacement of the stones and the care and handling of your stones. In addition you will learn Positive Positioning. . .the correct adjustment of the chair. The video will teach a hands on system for Stress Relief unique to the Seated Stone approach and different from the Seated Massage Technique Video. This is a great video for someone who wants to add to their repertoire of "Stone...