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Real Bodywork Healing Stone Massage DVD - Take your stone massage to the next level
  • Real Bodywork Healing Stone Massage DVD - Take your stone massage to the next level
  • Healing Stone massage layout
  • Healing stone massage closeup
  • Healing hot stone massage closeup

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  • Stone shapes, textures
  • 4 Different temperatures and how to use each one
  • Contraindications to thermo therapy
  • Benefits of Stone Massage
  • Basic stone massage sequence

This hot stone massage DVD covers everything needed to begin a hot stone massage practice. It not only addresses the modality and benefits of "Healing Stone Massage" but also answers some of the most frequently asked questions.  Includes a basic hot stone massage utilizing foundation layouts and hot stone massage techniques, and a cool stone facial massage.

In the end the instructor Carollanne instructs on six advanced and restorative protocols.  You will learn where to place stones to address specific dysfunctions and how to evaluate your client.  Lastly she address the advanced technique of tracing each meridian to help balance the body.

This DVD is 80 minutes in length, and formatted for ALL countries.

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    This healing stone massage dvd is taught by instructor Carollanne Chrichton who has been practicing stone massage for over 20 years.  She is also a skilled Ayurvedic practitioner, Yoga instructor, and massage therapist.

    • Format: DVD
    • Run Time: 70 min.
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    • 6 Healing Layouts - Lung meridian, Bladder meridian, Stomach meridian, Liver meridian, Intestines, Kidney meridian
    • Frequently Asked questions - What do I do if the stones roll off? When is it a burn? What if I forget to put the stones back in the hot water?

    • Healing Stone Massage DVD