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Massage Table Sheets and Covers on Sale

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Image of fleece table pad set for portable massage tables
Retail: $37.99
Price: $34.95
Availability: Discontinued
MassageKing Item #: MKFLCST -

Our massage table fleece pad sets are available with either elastic corner straps or fully fitted; your choice! Choose either a regular fleece pad with elastic straps on each corner, or upgrade to the deluxe fitted fleece pad with is gathered with elastic for a snug fit all around your massage table. The fitted option not only looks better, but also keeps the pad in place better when your client shifts and moves. About table length: The FLAT pad with straps is designed for a table top up to...

Disposable Massage Table Headrest Covers - 100 pack - Soft massage table headrest covers are sanitary and disposable.
Price: $14.99
Availability: Discontinued
MassageKing Item #: MKADH100 -

Massage King's "disposable headrest covers" offer soft and sanitary comfort for your clients, and are more economical than the "fitted face rest covers" that come in a pack of 50. Arrives in a pack of 100. Whether you call it a "face cradle cover" or a "face rest cover" or a "headrest cover" these disposable covers will get the job done. Soft. Sanitary. Luxurious. Clean. Every time, for every client, and an affordable price.

Image of Deluxe Fitted Fleece Pad Set by Earthlite
Retail: $59.99
Price: $50.99
Availability: In Stock
EarthLite Item #: ELAFPSS -

Deluxe fitted fleece pad set, the Samadhi Pro is Earthlite's best. Made with a one inch thick of synthetic hypoallergenic fleece. Keeps your table warm to the skin. Actually, it acts as a soft layer between the cool vinyl upholstery of the table and your client's skin.  We believe fleece table pad sets are a necessity even in the summer because most therapists have the air conditioner on to prevent sweating while working, yet your client is lying motionless and cooling off. Fleece...

Order the warm Microfiber Fleece blanket. Its available in 2 colors. Earthlite brand.
Retail: $39.99
Price: $33.99
Availability: In Stock
EarthLite Item #: ELAFBP -

EarthLite's Premium Microfiber Fleece Blanket is a high quality brushed microfiber fleece blanket, that is lightweight yet still warm. It's the softest most comfortable blanket available from Earthlite. Because of its incredible warming capabilities some other people call this polar fleece. Lightweight, soft, and warm; it's what you want in a blanket. Available in two colors. Washable! Yes, this blanket is machine washable. In fact, you get the warmth and softness to the touch like...