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We got started in April, 1996, with a single vision; Create the best body-working tool possible. While using a ball as a therapeutic device has been tried by other designers, these tools usually worked awkwardly with very little movement. If the massage balls had any movement at all it was usually around one axis, like a wheel. Most massage tools in fact consisted of wooden or plastic knobs with no movement at all and limited function. Our development and introduction of the "Omni" directional massage ball has revolutionized the massage tool industry. Our original "Omni" directional massage tool, The Polar Roller, made its national debut in 1997 with one of the nations leading Tele-marketers and was an instant success.
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Omni Massage Systems Marbleized Pearl Roller - A Great Personal massager and a Proven Therapeutic Tool.
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The Omni Roller provides a stimulating, deep tissue massage, anywhere, anytime. Provides effective relief by rolling and compressing the tissue instead of stretching it and pulling it. A good roller ball massage tool is one of the most versatile massage tools you can own. Use it at the office to relieve the stress and stiffness associated with long hours at the computer.

Omni Massage Mini Massage Rollers - All the benefits of our original massage roller!
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