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ABOUT Massage King

Founded in 2000, our company began selling health and fitness and massage therapy related equipment and supplies via various online channels. Before long we realized the need for professional grade massage therapy equipment that could be purchased easily online and at great prices. Hence, we decided to launch a new website dedicated to the massage therapy industry and Massage King was born! We have been an integral part of the massage therapy community and well known for our extensive knowledge of the massage therapy industry. We regularly have customers call us for information and to help them decide on which massage table to get because we are able to offer great advice and our personal reviews and experiences with most of the massage tables and supplies that we sell. Massage King is committed to getting you the best massage table that fits your needs and doing it at the lowest priced possible. We want to get you into the best table that is exactly what you need, that is going to last you for years. We could sell you a very cheap massage table, but in 6 months you would need another one. Or we could offer you the most expensive massage table but for most people you would be spending more than you need to. Our goal: the right professionally made massage table, a great priced, and years of satisfaction.