MassageKing steps in when other manufacturers aren't able to provide the quality or discounts our customers need.

8 oz. Bottle with Pump

(only $2.49)

Massage King carries certified "food grade" 8 ounce bottles with pump for a great low price. Perfect to hold massage oils, lotions, and pumpable creams.

These bottles are great for mixing a little bit of unscented massage oil with a few drops of your favorite or customer preferred essential oil.

**WE will waive the shipping fees on this item if you order any other in-stock MassageKing accessories (such as bolsters, headrest covers, etc) in the same transaction.

Amber Glass Bottle

(only $5.25)

Great for bottling your own Essential oil blends! Our glass amber bottles come with a black plastic tamper proof cap and are available in 6 sizes. Be sure to look at our entire line of bottles and containers!

Amber Glass Bottle with Dropper

(only $5.85)

These are our Amber Glass Dropper Bottles. Amber for light resistance. Controlled dispense by drop. Available in 3 sizes.

Anti-Bacterial Face Rest Cover

(only $19.99)

Our Medi-Soft Anti-Bacterial Vinyl Face Rest Cover is designed for active professional use. Improves treatment results and enhances the client's experience, while at the same time making treatment easier for the therapist. Medi-Soft cover is anti-microbial, non-allergenic and fluid-proof...Simply wipes clean!!! Designed to fit any face rest.

Body Warmers Small Eye Pillow

(only $14.95)

Eye Pillows are microwavable body warmers filled with Flax seed, rice, Lavender & Chamomile flowers, peppermint, rosemary, spearmint, eucalyptus and echinacea leaves.

The Eye Pillow provides moist heat naturally. However, if you would like more moisture, simply mist it lightly with water.

Fitted Fleece Pad Set

(only $44.99)

Our fleece set is a high-quality synthetic fleece. The fleece pad has gathered elastic to fit and hold snug on your massage table.  This fleece set will not slip off or slide sideways when your client moves around.  It will help keep your clients comfortable and protect them from feeling the cold vinyl year round. The thick fleece material is impressively soft and comfortable. The low pile, high density 100%polyester material is hypo-allergenic, and extremely durable, but feels luxurious. 

The Fleece pad has full elastic edge for secure fit.

If you use air conditioning to keep yourself cool in your treatment room, then we HIGHLY recommend you use a fleece pad set or a table warmer even in the summer to keep your client warm.

Bouffant Facial Caps

(only $17.93)

Lightweight 24" cap affords economical protection for hygienic work environments. Low lint material. Sanitary head cover keeps hair out of your client's face and away from facial treatments.

Large Chakra Stones

(only $19.95)

These seven Chakra stones correspond to the seven vital Chakra points on the body: The crown, the Third Eye, the Throat, the Heart, the Solar Plexus, the Sacral, and the Base. Our Chakra Set comes with stones which are meant to correspond to each of those vital areas, providing you with the best energy-match available on the market.

Our large chakra stone box set features stones that are approximately 1" in size each.  They come in a brown box with a description of each the chakras. The box measures 10" long by 1-3/4" deep.

Our small set features 7 chakra stones that are each about 1/2 inch in size in a handy bag; only $9.95


Holster and Oil Set

(only $19.99)


Sheet Set and Disposable Facerest Covers

(only $34.00)

flannel sheet set for massage tableThis massage table accessory special includes:


Cosmetic Round Glass Jar

(only $8.63)

Our clear, cosmetic round glass jars are imported from Italy and feature an acrylic double wall closure. Available in 30 ml and 50 ml.

Dispenser Bottle with Flip-Top Cap

(only $4.65)

Clear, plastic dispenser bottles with flip-top cap. Great for your oils, lotions and gels. Available in 3 sizes.

Dispenser Bottle with Pop-Up Disc Cap

(only $4.35)

Clear, plastic dispenser bottles with flip-top cap. Great for your oils, lotions and gels. Available in 3 sizes.

Disposable Massage Table Headrest Covers - 100 pack

(only $14.99)

Disposable massage table headrest covers from Massage King are light-weight, durable covers, at the perfect price. These face rest covers will fit any face rest on a standard massage table or massage chair.

Available in a pack of 100.

Some people prefer these covers because they offer a more luxurious and softer feel than "fitted" disposable headrest covers. Pack of 100. Measurements 13x2x9.  

Also available: "fitted disposable headrest covers".

Double Oil Holster

(only $12.95)

This Massage oil double oil holster from MassageKing simply outperforms other massage holsters and features 2 pockets to hold 8oz bottles of your favorite massage oil or lotion.

Made in the USA of a commercial quality, EXTRA THICK fabric weave treated with a sealant backing that will help protect clothing from oil drops or leaks.

Also comes in a Single Holster.

Reg. $19.99  

Now only $12.95! 

Ear Candle Cylinders

(only $94.00)

Ear candling has been around for centuries, from ancient Egyptians to Native Americans. Ear candling was originally used to purify, sooth and calm. Ear candling has lately gained general popularity. Ear candling is an age-old remedy revived. It is both simple and profitable. This procedure is intended to be used by professionals only.

Ear Candling Starter Kit

(only $136.88)

Our Ear Candling Starter Kit contains all the basic supplies you need for several ear candling sessions. This kit is an ideal way to start. It comes complete with instructions and illustrations. This procedure is intended to be used by professionals only.

Ear Chart

(only $47.75)

Our Ear Chart ilustrates all of the pressure points for the entire body. In Color. Dimensions measures 21.5" x 34".

Ear Otoscope

(only $29.53)

This Ear Otoscope illuminates the ear canal for inspection of wax or foreign objects and to make sure ear tubes are in place. Features three top sizes for infants, children and adults. Includes 11 page color booklet with picture of inside the ear to illustrate what healthy or toxic eardrums look like. Requires two AA batteries, not included.

Ear Pillow

(only $20.48)

Our ear pillow is shaped specifically for candling. Pillow contains rice and may be heated or frozen to soothe aches and pains on all parts of the body. Weight is approximately 3 pounds.

Fundamental Stone Set

(only $74.95)

Massage King's Fundamental Massage Stone Set comes complete our MassageKing set of 50 premium Basalt massage stones as described below, PLUS 7 exquisite small Chakra stones.

Reg $115

Massage Stone Set includes:

  • 8 Toe Stones

  • 4 Facial Stones

  • 12 Small Stones (about 1" to 1.5" size)

  • 14 Medium Working/Placement Stones (about  2" to 3" size)

  • 6 Large Working/Placement Stones (about 3" to 4.25" size)

  • 2 Trigger Point Stones

  • 2 Palm Stones

  • 1 Neck/Pillow Stone

  • 1 Sacral/Belly Stone (4.25 - 5 inches)

  • PLUS the set of 7 small Chakra stones.

Fitted Disposable Headrest Covers - 50pk

(only $9.99)

Our disposable headrest covers offer a clean, soft, and comfortable headrest cover that stays put when your client moves.  They are inexpensive enough to be able to offer each client a clean, fresh face rest without having to wipe and disinfect between sessions.  

Fits all standard face rest cushions for massage tables and chairs.

Flannel Crescent Cover Value Pack of 6

(only $18.95)

Overstock sale blowout! 6 for 18.95!  Reg $24.99 

Our 100% cotton oversized massage table crescent  headrest cover is on sale.  Elastic is sewn into the cover creating an excellent fit. Flannel massage table face rest cover comes in a package of 6. 

Available in light blue only.

Massage Table Sheets

(only $19.95)

Our massage table sheets are available in both 100 percent cotton flannel or a Percale 65% cotton - 35% polyester blend. These sheet sets consists of a top sheet, a fitted sheet, and a crescent shape face cradle or headrest cover.

MASSAGE TABLE SHEETS IN FLANNEL: Available colors are Natural (true unbleached natural fibers) and White.  Available both as an imported set from Pakistan, or MADE IN THE USA! 

MASSAGE TABLE SHEETS IN COTTON-POLY BLEND: Colors available are either Bone or White.  MADE IN THE USA!

MASSAGE TABLE SHEETS IN JERSEY: No Pilling unlike flannel.  A blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, MADE IN THE USA!. 

All of our massage table sheets are designed to fit almost any manufacturer's massage table UP TO 34 inches wide, 78 inches long, and 6" deep (or thick).  

Fleece Crescent Cover

(only $9.00)

Our fitted Fleece Face Rest Cover adds an extra layer of comfort for your client and protects the face rest on your table. Our Fleece Face Rest Cover fits all standard face rests. It's quick to slip over the face rest and is easily removed and laundered to remove oils, lotions and perspiration.

MassageKing Fleece Headrest Cover

(only $9.00)

Our Fleece Headrest Cover will keep your client warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The fleece helps hold your flannel headrest covers in place and protects the vinyl on your facerest. Machine Washable and Dryable!

Fleece Pad Set - Fitted

(only $28.99)

Our Fleece Set is a great quality fleece pad and headrest cover set for your massage table. Adding a fleece pad to your table brings a soft luxurious feel what will help keep your clients warm and cozy.

Reg. $32.99   

Now Only $28.99!  


Generic Massage Bolsters

(4 products)

The bolster is a staple of the massage therapy industry. It provides support to the client and allows the therapist to focus on healing their properly positioned client. Our line of bolsters are of good quality and are offered at a great price.

Herbal Beeswax Ear Candle Cylinders

(only $127.50)

Using all natural food grade beeswax, we added a rich blend of Echinacea, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus and Garlic. Echinacea is used as a natural antibiotic, Tea Tree Oil as a natural antiseptic, Eucalyptus as a natural purifier and Garlic as an additional natural antibiotic for a pleasant and effective experience. Ear candling is an age-old remedy revived. It is both simple and profitable. This procedure is intended to be used by professionals only.

Herbal Eye Pads

(only $12.99)

Soothing compress treatments for the eyes. 3 pads/box. May be re-used 3 to 4 applications each. Made with 8 different natural herbs and flowers, a soothing and calming fortifying treatment for your client's eyes.

Itch Ease Spray

(only $17.18)

Itch Ease Spray is a fast acting herbal spray for itchy skin. Made by Nature's Apothecary, comes in 1 fl. oz. (30 ml). Use as needed up to 6 times daily.

Disposable Ladies Bra with Velcro

(only $7.16)

Disposable Ladies Bra with Velcro, 6 pieces/pack. Disposable spa apparel is great for sanitary and modesty purposes. One size fits most.

Disposable Ladies Spa Brief Underwear

(only $15.00)

Disposable Ladies Spa Brief Underwear, 24 pk. These are perfect for sanitary and modesty purposes. One size fits most. Intimate feminine pastel prints.

Large Candle Snuffer

(only $10.05)

Helps to snuff the candle at the end of your session.

Magnetic Therapy Bolster

(only $69.95)

Designed by a company that has been involved in magnetic therapy since 1985, this headrest bolster includes over 20 strong magnets specifically designed to focus the healing magnetic field onto the face of your client. This type of treatment is especially useful for energy work or other healing modalities. The top of the headrest is a thick layer of memory foam, so the client will never feel the magnets, but will be soothed by the feeling that the headrest is absorbing their head with plush comfort.

Magnetic Therapy Table Cover

(only $229.00)

New advancement in client care for massage & bodywork therapists! Our Magnetic Therapy Table Cover improves treatment results and enhances the client's experience, while at the same time making treatment easier for the therapist. It molds to the exact contours of the body, completely eliminating pressure.

Disposable Mens Boxer Shorts 5 pack

(only $9.50)

Disposable boxer shorts for spa and medical practices help your clients maintain modesty and increases patient comfort level.  Made from non-woven, soft fabric. Comfortable elastic band. These disposable shorts are perfect for your clients modesty during hydrotherapy spa treatments or massage. One size fits most.

Disposable Mens Briefs

(only $7.72)

Disposable Men Underwear Briefs are perfect for sanitary and modesty purposes.  They are made from non-woven, soft fabric and have a comfortable elastic band. Perfect for hydrotherapy spa treatments or massage. One size fits most. Pack of 6.

Mist Sprayer Bottle with Fine Sprayer

(only $5.31)

Our Mist Sprayer Bottle, with Fine Sprayer, is available in 3 sizes.

MK Premium Massage Table Package

(only $189.00)

This product is temporarily Out of Stock! The name says it all. This portable massage table package features the Premium™ Massage Table. PREMIUM: adj; a high value, a value in excess of that normally or usually expected, of exceptional quality. This table is engineered to assure your satisfaction with the highest quality and dollar per pound value. The upgraded vinyl upholstery is soft and durable and is available in Burgundy. The face rest is height and angle adjustable and the arm shelf has two adjustment settings. The legs feature one of our favorite designs: the Strut-Lock leg system with stretch proof braided cables which give this table one of the strongest, most solid and stable table leg designs you'll ever use. The Premium™ Massage Table Package comes complete with a carry case with pocket and shoulder straps.

Neck Bolster

(only $22.99)

Neck bolsters are used to elevate the neck while the client is laying face up.  This bolster is half as long as a half-round bolster, only about 13 inches long. This half round neck bolster is a great for adding comfort, support, and reducing muscle strain on the neck from clients during massage therapy.

Original Ear Oil 2 oz.

(only $12.90)

Ear Oil is placed into the ear canal to soothe and prevent infection. Suggested Use: Place 3 drops of oil onto a piece of cotton to be placed into the ears overnight to soften built up wax for easy removal. Shake well. For external use only. Ingredients: Olive Oil, Lobelia, Mullein and Garlic.

Paraffin Ear Candle Cylinders

(only $88.45)

Ear candling has been around for centuries, from ancient Egyptians to Native Americans. Ear candling was originally used to purify, sooth and calm. Ear candling has lately gained general popularity. Ear candling is an age-old remedy revived. It is both simple and profitable. This procedure is intended to be used by professionals only. These cylinders are made using food grade quality paraffin and white paraffin wax.

Perfume Room Spray

(only $9.95)

Perfect for unwinding after a stressful day. Our non aerosol perfume room sprays can be used at home, in the office, carry in your purse or in your car. Great fo a waiting room, treatment room, bathroom or beauty salon. Available in 2 sizes and 7 different scents.

Pure Coconut Oil One Gallon

(only $37.95)

100% Pure Coconut Massage and Carrier Oils are of the highest quality. Great for
use as a single carrier or in combination with other, more expensive
carrier oils to get the cost down and to improve the shelf life of the
final product. Experiment with different oils to find the best one for

Pure Grapeseed Oil Gallon

(only $37.90)

Grapeseed Oil makes the best carrier oil because it has a fine texture and is almost odorless, light in
texture and is easily absorbed by the skin. Grapeseed oil is purported
to have regenerative and restructuring virtues and has great skin
moisturizing properties.

Pure Sunflower Oil Gallon

(only $46.99)

100 % pure natural sunflower oil, pressed straight from the sunflower seed with an expeller press.  Sunflower oil is rich in
lecithin and vitamin E and is an excellent moisturizing ingredient that is used in many oils and is very good at penetrating the skin does not clog pores.  Its a medium weight oil that spreads well.  

Pure Sweet Almond Oil Gallon

(only $51.99)

Sweet Almond Oil is one of the top choices of Aromatherapists as it is good for all skin
types. A very good massage oil it is beneficial for dry skin and helps
relieve itching, soreness and dryness. It is reported to be soothing,
healing, lubricating, softening, revitalizing and nourishing.

Quality Name Brand Refurbished Inversion Table

(only $139.99)

When you want simplicity instead of expensive, count on our Refurbished
Name Brand Inversion Table. This inversion table doesn't have expensive
extra's, but with adjustable heights it will allow you to turn upside
down and come back to earth in one piece. This inversion table does an
excellent job of relieving back stress. Many doctors recommend
inversion as a way to solve back problems from compressed spines to
other problems. This excellent priced inversion table will help your
back problems.

MassageKing Relaxation Gel Eye Pillow

(only $5.95)

Relaxation! That's what our Gel Eye Pillows are all about! Your
pillow will spread a soothing, gentle weight over and around your eyes.
Wonderfully gentle & effective for rejuvenating tired eyes,
relaxing, resting, meditation, and falling asleep. The gel has a
wonderful ability to store cold. Therefore, you can refrigerate your
eye pillow to reduce swelling and puffy eyes.

Room Aromatherapy Diffuser

(only $29.60)

This Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser allows for efficient diffusion
of pure essential oils through the natural method of heat convection.
It is safe, easy to use, completely silent, and is ideal for use in a
room or for traveling. Energy efficient.

Rubber Mixing Bowl

(only $8.25)

Conventional and professional masks will not stick to these self-cleaning flexibowls. 4 convenient sizes. Molded base for stability. Bowl is impermeable to stains.

Single Oil Holster

(only $9.99)

Our MassageKing massage oil holster is perfect for keeping your massage oils and cremes at your side during your massage sessions.

Our holsters are excellent, with 3 distinct advantages over other holsters including strap length, thicker material, and a coated fabric. 

Our holsters is proudly MADE IN THE USA, is made to exceed your expectations, and simply outperforms other massage oil holsters. 

Just ask any number of the massage therapists, schools, and clinics that repeatedly re-order our holsters. 

Premium oil holster including bottle and pump.

Small Candle Snuffer

(only $8.63)

Helps to snuff the candle at the end of your session.

Stainless Sponge Bowl

(only $12.75)

These heavy gauge sponge bowls have tapered sides and rounded bead design making these basins ideal sponge bowls. Available in 3 convenient sizes. Measurements are in metric and English. Seamless, sanitary and highly polished 18/8 stainless steelware.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

(only $6.75)

Stain-proof stainless steel mixing bowls. Available in two sizes, 1 oz. & 6 oz.

Stone Therapy Items

(4 products)

The healing power of heat, when combined with massage therapy or in a spa setting, can add amazing relaxation to the portfolio of any therapist. These items will help you prepare to administer your stone therapy treatments.

Massage King Large Stone Warmer

(only $54.99)

This is our large Hot Stone Warmer and is available in white or black color. This unit includes a removable pan, a lid with steam vents and temperature control. This unit is perfect for Hot Stone Massage Therapy and can easily hold 50 massage stones! (Stones shown are not included)

Reg $69.95 

Now Only $54.99! 

Also available in our:

Straight Sided Glass Jar

(only $5.55)

Our Straight sided glass jars feature a wide mouth, clear finish and closure included. They're available in 2 oz. and 4 oz. Great for storage!

Straight Sided Plastic Jar

(only $4.65)

The straight sided, (single wall) white plastic jar is a great all purpose jar. Available in 3 sizes: 4 oz., 8 oz. and 16 oz.

Stretch Terry Headband

(only $15.00)

Great for facials! Our Terry Headband Stretch-3 Pack is made of a poly terry fabric with limited stretch ability with wide velcro closure.

Thick Wall Straight Sided Plastic Jar

(only $5.70)

Our Thick wall straight sided plastic jars are available in 2 oz. and 4 oz. A great look in a clear jar with smooth closure.

Wall Diffuser

(only $24.95)

This compact electric Aromatherapy Diffuser plugs in anywhere so you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy every day. Perfect for the home, office and travel.