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Hot Stone Massage Complete Starter Kit - All you need to start giving great hot stone massage sessions!
  • Hot Stone Massage Complete Starter Kit - All you need to start giving great hot stone massage sessions!
  • Silver warmer with inner pan
  • Black Stone Warmer
  • Massage Stone 50 Set

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Our Hot Stone Massage Kit comes complete with everything you need to offer a complete, luxurious hot stone massage.

Complete with large, medium and small working stones, trigger stones, toe stones, facial stones, palm stones, and a sacral stone. It's like getting 3 massage stone sets in one! Full Body working stones, Facial stones, and Toe stones (in addition to the specialty massage stones described below), plus the stone warmer, cleaning and handling tools.

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    • 55 min. DVD by Institute for Massage and Spa Therapy Education [IMSTE](+29.99)


    • SILVER: stainless look

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    Your clients will truly enjoy the benefits of a hot stone massage with our top quality, hand selected (and balanced in pairs) massage stones. This is a great relaxation and stress relieving offering that you an add to your massage practice.

    Our set features REAL, NATURAL, basalt stones known for the heat retaining properties. We import them from Peru, wash them, and then hand select them in balanced pairs for your clients comfort.

    Our Hot Stone Massage Kit includes: 

    • Stone Handling Tools
    • Thermometer
    • Stone Scrub Brush
    • Antibacterial Hand Soap
    • 8 oz. of Massage Oil
    • 1 Heat Resistant Glove
    • Large Stone Warmer
    • 50 Certified All Natural Basalt Stones
    • This set is competitively priced and offers everything you will need to give a great stone massage.
    • 50 piece hot stone set is 3 sets in one, Full Body Set, Facial Set, and Toe Set. You will have more than enough stones to choose from which allows more customization for each client.   


    Our hot stone massage set customers have repeatedly requested a starter kit containing everything they will need to explore the world of stone massage. The Massage King Stone Therapy Complete Starter Kit is a feature rich massage accessory that will provide users with the desired features of a top quality massage accessory that only Massage King can offer at this affordable price.

    Note: This set includes the same high quality stones, in the same configuration, as our Premium 50 set of massage stones.
    For your reference, here are the details:

    • 8 Toe Stones
    • 4 Facial Stones
    • 12 Small Stones (about 1" to 1.5" size)
    • 14 Medium Working/Placement Stones (about  2" to 3" size)
    • 6 Large Working/Placement Stones (about 3" to 4.25" size)
    • 2 Trigger Point Stones
    • 2 Palm Stones
    • 1 Neck/Pillow Stone
    • 1 Sacral/Belly Stone (4.25 - 5.5 inches)


    • Stone Count: 50 (including sm, med, lg, sacral, toe, palm...)
    • Stone Type: Basalt Stone
    • Pre-Oiled Stones?: No
    • Stone Warmer: Large, options available
    • Condition: New
    • Availability: In Stock

    • Includes Unoiled Stones - These basalt river stones have not been altered from their natural condition. Some massage therapists prefer the look and feel of oiled stones, so we include a container of popular massage oil.
    • Safety First - Heat resistant spoons, gloves, etc., make sure you stay safe from the hot water in the stone warmer.

    • 50 Certified All Natural Basalt Stones
    • Large Massage Stone Warmer
    • Heat Resistant Gloves
    • 8 oz. of Massage Oil
    • Gentle Anti-bacterial Hand Soap
    • Stone Scrub Brush
    • Thermometer
    • Stone Handling Tools

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    Unbelievable how much I love my stones and how much my clients like getting hot stone massages. My friend's 4 year old daughter loved putting them all over her mom and then we got the cutest picture of the two of them with the little one squatting between her legs. Great service too!