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Silver color 18 quart warmer with removeable pan.
  • Silver color 18 quart warmer with removeable pan.
  • Massage King Large Stone Warmer - Our large massage stone warmer easily holds 50 set of massage stones..
  • Red 18qt warmer

Disclaimer : We are aware many of our images are blurry and we are working on it. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

  • The large capacity is enough to hold even our largest set of stones.
  • Unit has an adjustable thermostat control to allow the therapist to obtain the desired temperature for hot stone massage therapy.

Large Hot Massage Stone Warmer available in white, silver, red, or black color. This unit includes a removable pan, a lid with steam vents and temperature control. This unit is perfect for Hot Stone Massage Therapy and can easily hold 50 massage stones! (Stones shown are not included)

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    Our large Hot Stone Warmer Heater is suitable for all Hot Massage Stone sets. This unit operates in the same way as more expensive units which claim to be specifically geared to hot stone therapy in that they both heat and hold a large volume of water and stones. The difference is that the more expensive units which are "especially for stone therapy" cost more, usually have a stainless steel finish, and have wording which relates to stone therapy. Many, many therapists have told us they didn't see a reason to pay more when the items do the same thing, while others prefer to purchase the warmer at the higher price that has the stainless steel finish and industry specific wording. Hence, we continue to offer both models.

    In regards to this warmer, its adjustable temperature control enables you to set the temperature so your stones are automatically maintained at a constant temperature. This unit includes: Lid with Steam Vents and Temperature Control. However, because all appliances do have some variation, we highly recommend purchasing and using a separate thermometer to more accurately monitor the temperature of your stones before placing them on your client.

    Depending on stock levels, we source these units from 3 different manufacturers so actual unit received may vary slightly in appearance. 

    If you are thinking about buying one of our massage stone sets, you probably want a little more information. We source our stones from Mexico and Central America. These are natural Basalt stones, which are known for their density. These dense stones are heavier than some other stones and hence hold heat and stay warmer than most other types of stones. That is the reason they are used in massage therapy. We use both grey, and deep red - purple stones. When you first receive the stones they will be raw, so they will be either a blue-grey to dark grey color, or deep red to purple color. After you have oiled them the stones will become more black and or deep red, as shown in our pictures. Keep in mind these are real, natural stones, so there will be some variation in shape and color. If you want the "perfect" little stones that are all sets of 2 to 4 each of exactly the same shape and weight, then you need to order some of the ones from China where they run them through a factory and where workers shape them on a grind stone and then polish them with a sealer.  We are proud to sell true natural Basalt stones. If you order the "2nd quality" set, those will have more variation in color and shape and will even have some pock holes, cracks, and lines in them, but they are still smooth, and guaranteed to be smooth on the skin facing side. If instead you order our 1st quality premium stones, those will be much more consistent in stone color, size, shape, and smoothness. Truthfully, people love our true Basalt stones. 

    • Size: 18 quarts; Easily holds up to 50 or 60 stones, depending on size.
    • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
    • Condition: New
    • Color: Varies
    • Availability: In Stock
    • Outside Dimensions: 23.5" wide, 12" tall, 16" deep (front to back)

    • Massage Stone Warmer