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Custom Craftworks Massage Tables.

Custom Craftworks massage therapy equipment is affordable high quality massage equipment. Their entire line of tables, chairs and supplies is designed with the therapist in mind and will last you for years to come. With equipment for every modality we are sure you will find one to fit your needs.

Custom CraftWorks

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Custom Craftworks Taj Mahal Massage Table Package - Cusomt craftworks massage therapy treatment table that brings grace and style to any room!
Price: $819.00
Availability: In Stock
Custom CraftWorks Item #: CCPTM -

The Taj Mahal comes with our standard top and 3" Deluxe Wrap Foam for luxurious comfort. The standard full-length shelf and optional cabinet provide plenty of room for storage and easy access for towels, sheets, oils and other massage accessories. With its clean crisp lines, the Taj Mahal will bring grace and style to any room.

Custom CraftWorks Feldenkrais Massage Table - Will serve you perfectly for years to come!
Retail: $799.00
Price: $749.00
Availability: Made by Hand per Order
Custom CraftWorks Item #: CCP2FK -

This exclusive design combines the inverted truss system for tremendous lateral side-load strength and stability and the Cable-Lock system for snap ease-of-use. With the wide variety of widths, lengths and heights you can choose the perfect combination for your needs Legs are recessed 4" on the 73" model and 5-1/2" on the 78" length model for more leg and knee room while seated at the table. Best of all, the corking surface is designed to provide maximum sensory feedback, making it easier for...

Custom CraftWorks Athena Portable Massage Table Deluxe Package - The preferred choice in portable massage tables!
Retail: $713.48
Price: $647.10
Availability: In Stock
Custom CraftWorks Item #: CCPDAT -

The Athena Portable Massage Table is our best selling portable massage table by far - you'll know why when you feel the superior quality and see the beauty. The Athena features premium materials and unmatched craftsmanship making it luxurious, strong, silent and secure.

Custom Craftworks Deluxe 3-Pocket Carrying Case - Three pockets equals more storage
Price: $119.00
Availability: In Stock
Custom CraftWorks Item #: CCACC3P -