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Custom Craftworks Taj Mahal Massage Table Package - Cusomt craftworks massage therapy treatment table that brings grace and style to any room!
  • Custom Craftworks Taj Mahal Massage Table Package - Cusomt craftworks massage therapy treatment table that brings grace and style to any room!
  • Custom Craftworks Taj Mahal Massage Table
  • Breast Recesses Optional Upgrade
  • 6" x 27" Ankle Bolster
  • Tilt Top Optional Upgrade
  • Dual Action Head Rest
  • 25 Disposable Head Rest Covers
  • Levante Color

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  • Optional no-charge bottom shelf
  • 3" Triple-Wrap multi-layer foam System
  • Beautiful classic wood design with optional top styles, widths, and bases.
  • Very configurable to fit your needs. 
  • 800 pound load capacity 
  • Solid maple wooden frame.
The Taj Mahal Stationary Massage Table has a simple and elegant design that complements massage therapy offices, spas and salons. Beautiful wood and muted upholstery colors, Its grace and style are matched by its strength and practicality. Available with 3 massage top options and base styles including trestle, shelf, or cabinet. Rock solid and steady, the Taj Mahal is built to last a lifetime. The standard full-length shelf provides plenty of room for storage and easy access for towels, sheets, oils and other massage accessories. Backed by a Lifetime Frame Warranty. Cabinet option is available.
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    Also known as Breast and Scapula Recesses. Ideal for large breasts or implants when face down, or broad shouldered clients laying face up.  NOTE: This is a "production" option, and usually takes 2 weeks for Oakworks tables, and 4 weeks for Earthlite tables.








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    The Taj Mahal is one of the most customizable stationary massage tables, made from a hard wood Maple frame, that still retains gorgeous classic wooden style. This table is ideal for massage or salon work. It is sturdy, strong, and comes with 3" Deluxe Wrap Foam for luxurious comfort which makes sure your clients experience a soft and comforting initial touch that increases in firmness as weight is applied. The standard full-length shelf and optional cabinet provide plenty of room for storage and easy access for towels, sheets, oils and other massage accessories. With its clean crisp lines, the Taj Mahal will bring grace and style to any room.

    • Width: 28" or 30"
    • Length:  73" or 78"
    • Fixed or Adjustable Height Range: 26" - 38"
    • Weight: 60 lbs for base design
    • Load Rating: 800 lbs. Flat, 600 lbs. Tilt
    • Warranty: 10 years
    • Condition: New
    • Availability: In Stock

    • Delivery Time: Because this massage table is custom-built for every order the typical lead time is 4 weeks before shipment occurs. 

    • Levante Vinyl - Quality vinyl that is supple, easily cleaned and wears well. Standard on all massage tables and massage chairs. Available in 10 Custom Craftworks colors.
    • Optional Breast and Scapula Recesses - Its amazing how once clients start using this they realize how much they needed this option. Ideal for larger breasts or breast implants while lying face down, or for larger and broad shouldered clients when lying face up. The recesses are extraordinary advancement in positioning women comfortably, our exclusive Breast Recesses option does much more that relieve pressure on a client's breasts. With this option, the torso is positioned neutrally, the scapula are closer together and the muscles are shortened for easier access with less resistance. Profoundly increases comfort and treatment effectiveness.
    • Dual Action Head Rest - This popular face rest tilts and elevates above the surface of the table, accommodating large breasted or barrel-chested clients by effectively bringing the face rest up to the client. The Dual Action also elevates to support the head in face up positioning. Simple to use, lightweight and folds flat for easy storage under the table.
    • Storage Cabinet Optional Upgrade - Add extra storage with the under table Cabinet, available in full length.
    • Touch Response Foam option - This memory foam density is exclusive to Custom Craftworks! Molds quickly to the body shape to increase support. Only compatible with the "Natural Touch Upholstery" colors. 
    • Rounded Corners - Once you use a table with rounded corners you will ask yourself "why have I waited so long?" It's amazing how something so simple can make such a marked improvement in your work flow. Rounded corners make it so much easier to maneuver, actually more like to "flow", around your table, and client, during a session. 
    • Width options - This table is available in both 30 inch and 33 inch widths. However please keep in mind that 33 inches is very wide. It's true that most people who get a 33" wide table end up realizing they didn't need to. It really does make it harder to reach across your client. Please only order a 33 inch wide table if you are absolutely sure you need it. 
    • Length option - It's true that most massage tables are 73" long. This really is an ideal length. However occasionally you will need a longer table if for instance you have very tall regular clients. Plus it is very hard to find sheets that fit a 78 inch long table. Also, consider getting a table extender before choosing a 78" long table. 

    • Taj Mahal Table