Kelly Kinetics

Kelly Kinetics

Kelly Kinetics, Great Falls, Mont, introduces the Glidepoint massage tool, solomax massage tool and the Cryothermal massage tool.

Kelly Kinetics Cryothermal Massage Tool

(only $89.95)

The Cryothermal is designed to provide a variety of types of massage with minimal effort. This well-balanced stainless steel tool allows the user to apply the appropriate amount of force, while still providing the relaxing sensations the patient or client expects.

Kelly Kinetics Glidepoint Model 400

(only $17.99)

The Glidepoint Model 400 is designed to massage away sore and tension stressed muscles. The massage tool has a dynamic roller ball that glides smoothly over bare skin or clothing, eliminating the use of messy gels and oils.

Kelly Kinetics Glidepoint Model 610

(only $19.95)

We are sorry to say this awesome massage tool has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

The Glidepoint Model 610 is designed to be more than just another massage roller tool. Like most massage rollers, this massage tool has a dynamic roller ball for broad areas.  But, it also has a smaller point for better muscle targeting, and a large handle for a firm grip to make effective use of the massage tool easier for deep tissue work. 

Kelly Kinetics SoloMAX Massage Tool

(only $27.00)

The SoloMAX Massage Tool is a unique self-massage tool that offers the user multiple massage attachment options for all of their different types of aches and pains. The user can choose the very popular smooth Roller Wheel attachment for a soothing rolling massage of sore and tired soft tissue, or the one inch Acupressure Knob for more intense direct pressure of tight trigger points.