Kelly Kinetics SoloMAX Massage Tool - A great tool to remove knots and muscle tension in your back. enlarge picture

About this SoloMAX Massage Tool: A great tool to remove knots and muscle tension in your back.

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  • SoloMAX massage tool

Kelly Kinetics SoloMAX Massage Tool

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Unique wheel design rolls out the tension.

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Box Dimensions2" x 11.5" x 19"
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The SoloMAX Massage Tool is a unique self-massage tool that offers the user multiple massage attachment options for all of their different types of aches and pains. The user can choose the very popular smooth Roller Wheel attachment for a soothing rolling massage of sore and tired soft tissue, or the one inch Acupressure Knob for more intense direct pressure of tight trigger points.

What makes this SoloMAX Massage Tool different?

  • The SoloMax also offers a third bonus option, the three-finger scratcher for scratiching those hard to reach places.
  • The SoloMAX is also designed with a quick release tab to easily breakdown the unit for convenient travel.

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» SoloMax Owners Manual - This document is the original owner's manual that ships with your SoloMax massage tool. It demonstrates different features of the SoloMax, how to use and care for it, as well as different methods for getting the most use and benefit from your SoloMax.

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SoloMAX Massage Tool

SoloMAX Massage Tool demo

Kelly Kinetics SoloMax works great on the lower back

Reversible massaging tip for roller ball or knob

SoloMax roller ball massages sore muscles to work out knots

SoloMax back scratcher attachment

More Information about the Kelly Kinetics SoloMAX Massage Tool

This is simply a GREAT massage tool for your back!  EVERYONE who comes in our showroom picks it up and uses it on their back and is amazed how good it feels, and how well it can reach those certain spots just right!   First, they get this look of curiosity, and then you can see a look of "oooh, oh  yeah" on their face.  Any doubt they had of whether or not it works is gone.

Get yours today. And then, you'll have to get one for your mom or dad or that special someone as a gift.


  • Roller Wheel Attachment - for a smooth rolling massage
  • Acupressure Knob - for deep compression of trigger points and sore spots
  • Itch Getter Attachment - for scratching hard to reach places

Manufactured By: Kelly Kinetics

Kelly Kinetics
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