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At Peace Media  Hawaiian  Lomi Lomi Level III - Expand your horizons to enhance your current bodywork practice

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  • Learn full body massage for pregnant women
  • "Lomi Lomi" means to break up into small pieces
  • Relieve neck and shoulder pain through work in the subscapularis
  • Learn to release the priformis muscle
Lomi Lomi Level Three features Native Hawaiian Ken Ng, who, along with Tamara Mondragon, shares methods used to massage the side of the body. The positioning of the body and the release techniques revealed here have been used for thousands of years by Hawaiians, yet are still relevant to modern day massage practice.
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    Learn how to release the piriformis muscle to facilitate the relaxation of surrounding muscles that may be causing low back or sciatic pain. Feel confident as you help clients with neck and shoulder pain through work in the subscapularis to increase their range of motion and to unlock stiff joints. Learn how to safely offer a complete, full body massage to pregnant women and clients who may only be able to lay on their sides.

    • Run Time: 54 minutes
    • Format: DVD
    • Condition: New
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