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Item # E3ASD
Essential 3 AromaShell Diffuser - Essential oil warm diffuser perfect for single rooms

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  • Remove and clean the dish between uses and before changing the essential oil fragrance. Use a mild soap.
  • Dry thoroughly before returning the dish to the diffuser.

The AromaShell Diffuser is a room size electric aromatherapy diffuser that is easy to maintain and clean. Simply lift the lid and apply 3 to 10 drops of your favorite essential oil onto the dish, turn on the diffuser and within minutes AromaShell will diffuse the fragrant essence throughout your room. Keep the lid open while the diffuser is in use.

This diffuser is easy to clean; simply rinse and wipe. No pads to wear out or replace.

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    Using an essential oil diffuser in your room can make a huge difference in mood and client comfort.  Whether to set the tone or hide oders, essential oils can have a dramatic effect on first impressions and lasting work environment.

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    • Note - Allow the dish to cool before cleaning. Use a damp cloth to clean the interior of the lid.