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Massage Table Supplies Accessory Starter Kit - Everything to get your Massage Business Going!

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  • We used the power of bulk purchasing to get you a great deal!
  • This complete package includes everything a starting massage therapist, beginning student or anyone just getting interested in massage therapy might need.

Massage Table Supplies accessory starter kit.

Back by popular demand!
Everything to get you started in Massage Therapy all in one kit! Sheets, oil, bolsters, holsters; it's in there!
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    Starter kit includes:

    • 3" x 26" 1/2 Round Bolster: Black, or Burgundy; our choice depending on stock levels.
    • 3 pc Flannel Sheet Set, natural color
    • Double Oil Holster, black
    • 100 Disposable Headrest Covers
    • One gallon of massage oil
    • 2 each 8 oz. bottles and Pumps

    With a wealth of included products, the Massage King massage table supplies Accessory Starter Kit contains everything a massage student or new professional will need -- from massage oil to a bolster. We didn't leave anything out in order to get your practice off to a good start and keep it growing.

    When you are first starting out in your massage therapy practice it is easy to get overwhelmed on what to buy, who to buy it from, and of course then you are going to hunt all over the internet for coupons on supplies to help save a little money. But then you might end up ordering from different places to be able to use those coupons, and different brands, and multiple packages mean multiple shipping fees. It can be a mess, not to mention cause a lot of anxiety and stress. After it's all done you just might need a massage yourself! So, we decided to make it easy. We combined the most commonly used supplies and put them all together in one easy to order kit combo.

    Of course, you need a sheet set for your massage table. Yes, you need a bolster to help get your client into a position that will help them relax and also increase access and outcomes. Naturally you need some massage oil for better glide and to reduce friction, and then you'll need the 2 bottles to hold the oil (one naturally, and perhaps add a couple drops of essential oil to the second one) and a holster to put them in. Finally, the disposable face rest covers help keep your clients skin from clinging, and also helps keep your equipment cleaner. In short, this kit has all the basics, and we've made it easy to order and at an economical price. Note that because the bolster pillow longer than the other items we usually ship all of this in 2 separate boxes. 

    • Massage OIl: One Gallon size, professional grade
    • Condition: New
    • Availability: In Stock
    • Bolster - Another industry standard, use this to keep the knees, ankles, head, neck, or shoulder comfortable. A must for every massage therapist.
    • Double Holster with 2 8oz bottles and pumps - This product is designed to hold your massage oils, cremes and lotions while you work on giving a massage. The convenient belt and pump containers ensure that you can focus on the massage rather than worrying about picking handling the oil and not spilling it.
    • Double Holster to hold 2 of our 8oz bottles with pumps
    • Massage Bolster pillow
    • 3 pc flannel Sheet Set with 1 top sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 headrest cover
    • One Gallon of Soothing Touch Basics Oil, unscented
    • 100 Disposable Headrest Covers
    • 2 each 8 oz. bottles and Lotion Pumps