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Health Mark Movin' Health - A versatile addition to your home gym!
  • Health Mark Movin' Health - A versatile addition to your home gym!
  • Core Toning
  • Thigh and Glute Toning
  • Tricep, Shoulder and Back Toning
  • Torso Stimulation and Massage
  • Control Panel
  • Textured Base

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  • For strength and power training
  • Ligament rehabilitation, acute back pain or postural stability
  • LCD 15 minute memory timer
  • 5 speeds
  • Improves circulation
  • Great for sculpting and toning muscles

Developed and used by European Olympic and strength athletes for over four decades, whole body vibration techniques have been researched and found beneficial for strength and power training, ligament rehabilitation, acute back pain, osteoporosis, postural stability, obesity, improved circulation and even weight loss. The VF80000 Movin' Health is the obvious choice for anyone looking to bring whole body vibration techniques into their own home.

Price: $399.00
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    This product has been discontinued at Massage King and is not available for purchase.

    Experience now the advantage the Europeans have long known with the HealthMark VF80000 Movin' Health whole body vibration platform. A fraction of the weight and cost of those more expensive vibaration platforms, but with all of the same benefits and results including muscle toning, back pain, and even weight loss. The Movin' Health comes equipped with 5 different speeds and a LCD 15 minutes accumulative memory timer for personalized workouts. Equipped to handle a variety of posistions - including sitting, standing and lying down, the Movin' Health vibration platform can be set to anyone's own, personal needs for a truly unique workout experience.

    • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
    • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
    • Height: 23 inches
    • Width: 21 inches
    • Depth: 46 inches
    • Total Weight: 30 lbs
    • Warranty: 90-days
    • Condition: New

    • Controls - 5 Speed Settings (1300rpm, 1730rpm, 2150rpm, 2580rpm, 2840rpm)
    • Multiple Positions - -Muscle Massge -Muscle Toning -Muscle/Tendon/Ligament Strengthening
    • Vibration Platform - Textured base for improved stimulation
    • Timer - 15 minute accumulative memory timer