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Prego Pillow Pregnancy Cushion - Pregnancy pillow finally makes comfortable!
  • Prego Pillow Pregnancy Cushion - Pregnancy pillow finally makes comfortable!
  • Pregnancy massage support pillow
  • Pregnancy massage support pillow
  • Prego Pillow Raspberry

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  • Soft & comfortable. Great for resting at home or a relaxing massage
  • After the baby is born you can use it as a portable baby bed
  • Convenient side handle & adjustable shoulder strap for transporting
  • Works great for overweight people, women with larger breasts, heart bypass patients, many of the elderly and anyone sensitive to lying on a flat surface.
  • Medically tested, safe way to massage pregnant women
  • Face cradle shown in picture not included (optional item).

Pregnancy cushion Prego Pillow is designed to be a safe and comfortable way to relieve the discomforts associated with pregnancy during sleeping laying down, and massage. This breakthrough in comfort gives a pregnant woman the opportunity for greater relief than has ever been available, until now! Expecting mothers can lie safely and comfortably on their stomachs & backs into the later stages of pregnancy. This pregnancy cushion can be used in most any situation and is used often by clinics and hospitals as well as massage therapists. The biggest benefit comes from the carefully calibrated foam that is soft enough to give when needed and provide even support, without being too form so that it would restrict circulation.

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    This product has been discontinued at Massage King and is not available for purchase.

    The Prego Pillow pregnancy cushion from Bodys Kneaded is a breakthrough in comfort because it gives a pregnant woman the opportunity for greater relief when lying face down on their stomachs as well as on their backs. Expectant Mothers can now smile, not only in anticipation of the upcoming blessed event, but because of the new-found comfort and relief made possible by the Prego Pillow.

    Also Great For:

    • Overweight clients
    • Many of the Elderly
    • Women with larger breasts
    • Anyone sensitive to lying on a flat surface

    • Warranty: 5 Year
    • Weight: 10 pounds
    • Setup Dimensions: 55 x 24 x 9 inches including headrest
    • Face Cradle: Optional
    • Condition: New
    • Shipping Dimensions: 44" x 25" x 13", 15 pounds
    • UPC Code: 680474008766

    • Please Note: Picture shown with optional face cradle (not included)

    • Clinical Covering - Comes in with Vinyl covering, allowing wipe-downs and easy cleaning.

    • Prego Pillow