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Cheap Massage Table - Entry level table - perfect for students or home use.
  • Cheap Massage Table - Entry level table - perfect for students or home use.
  • Massage table arrives with all accessories packed inside.
  • A basic carry case is included with this massage table.

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  • Arm shelf included
  • Carry Case included
  • Adjustable Headrest included
  • Side arm extensions included
  • Face hole with filler cushion included

A cheap massage table with FREE shipping. You asked for it and here it is. When you need a massage table that won't break the bank, this may be the table for you! We've partnered with a supplier to provide this entry level massage table that is perfect for a massage therapy student or for home massage. It is 28 inches wide, 72 inches long; large enough for the average person up to 6 feet tall.

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    A cheap massage table that is 28 inches wide and 72 inches long. This massage table is large enough for an average person up to 6 feet tall, especially when you add the extra length of the adjustable face rest and the extra width of the table side arm

    This table is built using a solid, time tested design with more affordable materials than those found on higher end massage tables.  The result is a good table that we expect will have a life span of about two years of average use before you need to think of replacing it. This is massage table will also function great as a back-up table.

    This cheap massage table still comes with a headrest, carry case, and side arm bolsters. It is a basic table designed with the student or home user in mind and is perfect for that. It is built using the time tested "cradle-lock" leg cable system for solid performance and weight capacity.

    How can we offer such a low price?  Two ways: less expensive materials, and mass production. 

    On the production side, most professional quality American massage tables are custom made as you order them, either completely from scratch, or from pre-milled wooden pieces, and assembled here in the USA.  This leads to amazing quality, but adds costs.  By contrast, these less expensive tables are mass produced in a factory overseas, and hence, less expensive. 

    With regards to the raw materials, most USA made professional tables use familiar hardwoods such as Canadian Maple and Russian Birch, and high quality water based vinyl in their construction. These woods, vinyl, and foam are pre-screened for imperfections, and have to be imported to the factory which adds transportation and raw materials costs. 

    These entry level tables are made using an Asian hardwood that is located much closer to the manufacturer, so the import costs are much less. Combine that with slightly less expensive vinyl and foam and you have a much less expensive table.  It is intended for occasional use or those students who are going to school or just starting out with a tight budget.

    We at Massage King have tried this table in our offices; it will work great for general massage in the early part of your massage therapy career. Once your career develops, you may want to consider moving up to one of the professional brands of massage tables. 

    • Length: 72 inches
    • Width: 28 inches
    • Length with Headrest: 86 inches
    • Height Range: 23 to 34 inches
    • Table weight: 35 pounds
    • Warranty : 90 days - 3 months
    • Weight Limit: 500 pounds
    • Foam type: Small Cell foam
    • Foam thickness : 2 or 4 inches
    • Color: Black

    • Shipping:: This item ships ONLY to the 48 contiguous US states.

    • Side Extensions - Table features side arm extensions for extra width where it's needed. Makes a 28" wide table seem like a 34" wide table!
    • Adjustable headrest frame - Headrest frame adjusts in angle and height for perfect positioning!
    • Adjustable Arm Shelf - Allows your clients to place their arms comfortable under the headrest

    • Massage Table with
    • Face hole with filler cushion
    • Carry case
    • Face rest cushion
    • Adjustable face rest
    • Arm shelf
    • Side arm extensions