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e2 portable massage table package by Inner Strength, in Burgundy upholstery
  • e2 portable massage table package by Inner Strength, in Burgundy upholstery
  • Table features close-up of the e2 portable massage table.
  • Deluxe adjustable head rest platform and face pillow for the e2 table.
  • Side view of the e2 portable massage table.
  • e2 table in Teal color.
  • e2 table in Agate color
  • e2 table in Black color.
  • e2 table in Purple color.
  • e2 table in Burgundy color

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The e2 portable massage table package by Inner Strength Massage is a complete table package. It features a full size portable massage table, and a deluxe adjustable face rest and face pillow, and a single pocket carry case. This table is loaded with features like rounded corners, reiki endplates and shiatsu release cables, and a 5 year frame warranty.
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    The e2 portable massage table package by Inner Strength might be just what you are looking for! This is the upgraded version of the popular Element massage table. 

    Let's consider why:

    • Professional design using quality components
    • Designed with Earthlite's experience and know-how
    • 3 inch multi-layer foam with patented Pro-Plush layering
    • Rounded corners
    • Full length piano hinge
    • Reiki endplates 
    • Shiatsu release cables
    • Includes a Deluxe adjustable face rest platform that adjusts in both angle and height. 
    • Cradle-lock cabling system
    • 5 year frame warranty, 3 years on vinyl and foam
    • Includes the table, the headrest and face pillow, and carry case.
    • Available in 5 colors of Nature's Touch PU vinyl. 

    Holy cow! When you think of everything you're getting here, for this price, why the heck would you want to get anything else?  If you are just starting out and you need a great table, but don't have a lot of money, then this table is a great way to get started. Or if you already have a great table, but you need a second one for outcalls, or for special massage events, this would make a great second table. 

    Just look at the specifications. Yes, this really is a real quality made table, for a bargain price. Here is what you get with this table. 

    • COMPLETE PORTABLE MASSAGE TABLE, including table, deluxe adjustable headrest platform, face pillow, and a table carrying case with a large single pocket to store sheets, a bolster, and accessories like disposable face rest covers.
    • DIMENSIONS: Full sized, 30” wide x 73” long.
    • FRAME DESIGN: Made from a quality hardwood
    • REIKI: Yes! This table includes Reiki endplates. 
    • SHIATSU: Yes, this table has shiatsu release cables. 
    • TABLE WEIGHT: Weighs 32b. 
    • HEIGHT RANGE ADJUSTABLE: Adjusts in working height from 23” to 33” high, meaning the height of the table top when measured from the floor.
    • PORTABLE: Easy to transport, foldable with full length piano hinge. 
    • CARRY CASE: Includes Single Pocket Carry Case
    • SUPREME COMFORT: Triple layer, 3” Cushioning System. 100% PU upholstery.
    • WORKING WEIGHT LIMIT: This is a STRONG table with a 600 pound working weight, that passes a 400 pound drop weight test, and has a static weight tested to 2400 lbs.
    • WARRANTY: 5 years on the frame, and 3 years on the vinyl and foam and platform, excluding misuse. 
    • INNER STRENGTH: US based manufacturer seeking to deliver high quality affordable massage tables.

    What is Shiatsu Release? Did you notice that this table has the Shiatsu Release cables? When a massage table says "shiatsu release" what they mean is you can disconnect the leg and cable system so that you can open up the table while leaving the legs completely folded up under the table. This allows you the open the table and lay it flat on the floor instead of using the legs. Normally, when a massage table uses the patented "cradle-lock" cable system, you can't do that. The cradle-lock system causes the legs to automatically unfold out from under the table when you open the table. Together the table legs and the cables make an inverted truss against the table frame, and work together to make a strong support system that tightens up under load. 

    By the way, if you get a good massage table then we think you are going to want to take good care of it, correct? So many people ask how should they clean their table. What kinds of cleansers can they use? Of course it's a good thing to ask because you don't want to use any harsh chemicals, cleansers, or disinfectants that might damage the vinyl and void the warranty. Plus you still want to make sure the table is cleaned and disinfected, for as cost efficiently as possible. Well, good news: Inner Strength has put out care and cleaning instructions to help you. Here is what they say:

    Upholstery Care for Inner Strength massage tables and chairs.
    Keep your table out of extreme cold or heat as this may damage the upholstery. Do not store table in a vehicle, as that could expose it to intense temperature variations. For best results, transport and store table in a carry case to protect and preserve the upholstery.

    Cleaning & Disinfecting
    Remove day-to-day dirt and smudges with mild soap and warm water solution. For tough stains and to disinfect, use a (100 to 1) water to bleach solution. Spray a damp cloth with the solution to clean. After each cleaning, gently wipe the upholstery with a damp cloth and clean water, then allow upholstery to air dry before using or storing. For more difficult stains, please contact your dealer or call us directly for guidance. 

    Do NOT use Armor All® or citrus-based cleansers. For best results, use only the products suggested above. Alternative
    cleansing methods may cause serious damage to your table. Such damage would not be covered under our warranty program.

    If you want to know a little more information before making your purchase on this e2 portable massage table package, we've provided the 

    e2 table Owners Manual and Set Up Guide here.