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Single Oil Holster - Massage oil holster with bottle and pump

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  • The Massage King Single Oil Holster is a feature rich holster that will provide users with the desired features of a top quality holster that only Massage King can offer at this affordable price.

Our MassageKing massage oil holster is perfect for keeping your massage oils and cremes at your side during your massage sessions.

Our holsters are excellent, with 3 distinct advantages over other holsters including strap length, thicker material, and a coated fabric. 

Our holsters is proudly MADE IN THE USA, is made to exceed your expectations, and simply outperforms other massage oil holsters. 

Just ask any number of the massage therapists, schools, and clinics that repeatedly re-order our holsters. 

Premium oil holster including bottle and pump.

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    Why are our holsters better?

    1:  Our waist strap is several inches longer

    2:  Our holster is made of a thicker nylon weave fabric that is not only more durable, but is also better at wicking up any oil drops and holding the oil until you can wash the holster. 

    3:  The back of our holsters is coated to help stop "leak through" that can prevent oil drops from soaking into the fabric and transferring on to your clothes.  

    This MassageKing brand single oil holster is Made in the USA!, sewn by hand from our own manufacturer.  Although we admit the bottle is imported, we do our best to offer items that are made in the USA whenever possible, and this oil holster is no exception.  It is well made and will provide years of use.

    • Condition: New
    • Availability: In Stock

    • Single Oil Holster
    • One 8 oz. Bottle
    • One Pump Top
    • Belt Strap

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