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The Infinity gives ultimate client access without sacrificing comfort or durability
  • The Infinity gives ultimate client access without sacrificing comfort or durability
  • Infinity Portable Massage Table by Earthlite- Flex Rest

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  • Full length piano hinge
  • 3" 3 layer cushioning foam system
  • Stitched-fit Corners
  • Jointless rounded corners
  • Unique tapered frame enables greater client access and hourglass look
  • Super-strong, 10 layer laminate hoop frame, patent pending
  • Patented Mid-brace Cradle-lock cabling system
  • 1/2 Reiki and 1/2 standard endplates
  • Shiatsu release cables
  • Dual maple outlet covers

Infinitymassage table by Earthlite allows bette client access!  How? With curves! Yes, this massage table has curves! Sleek, stylish, elegant curves for increased access to your client. Add to that a 3" 3 layer Pro-plush cushioning and upholstery system that your clients will love and you've got a great massage table. This innovative design uses a 10 layer laminate hoop design to shape a one-of-a-kind table which is wider in the shoulder area and narrower in the middle, enabling easier access to the client and a unique, beautiful profile with rounded corners.

Table features include:

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    The Infinity portable massage table from Earthlite is designed to enable easier access while working by being thinner where your clients are thinner (in the waist) and wider for more support where your clients are typically wider (in the shoulders and hips).  This allows you the therapists better access for better outcomes.

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    • Static Weight Rating: 3200 lbs!
    • Table Weight: 32 -34 lbs
    • Table Width: 32" to 28"
    • Table Length: 73"
    • Standard Adjustable Height: 23" to 33"
    • Max Working Weight: 800 lbs
    • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
    • Condition: New
    • Availability: In Stock

    • Shipping: Some optional accessories will be shipped in separate packages from table. Accessory price shown includes freight.

    • Natursoft Vinyl - Natursoft feels soft to the touch. . . luxurious silky-smooth feel similar to fine glove leather. We've tested Natursoft's durability with an extensive rub test, including several of the most popular oil and cream products used in today's spas. The results were phenomenal. . . long lasting, easy to clean vinyl that is so soft, you have to feel it to believe it! And most importantly, Natursoft is an environmentally friendly polyurethane vinyl, fulfilling Earthlite's commitment to our environment and to our customers. Natursoft Vinyl is available in your choice of 22 colors.
    • Caress facecradle - The revolutionary Caress self-adjusting facecradle conforms to the unique face shape and contours of each of your clients. Sinus pressure is reduced and pressure points eliminated. Soft-Petals flex and balance to suspend your client's face in a cradle of comfort. When combined with our Form-fit memory cushion, the Caress molds itself perfectly to each and every face shape and size. The days of "cradle face" are over!
    • Deluxe Adjustable Headrest - Our Deluxe Adjustable Headrest adds a new dimension to adjustability and comfort. In addition to tilting to any desired angle, our deluxe headrest can be adjusted vertically, to custom fit large bodied clients. Simply stated, it is the best headrest on the market today. Easy adjustment - one cam lever locks the entire platform. Double action platform - provides height adjustments without extending away from the table. Available with Black or Creme frame,
    • Crescent Headrest - Our Crescent Headrest has been ergonomically designed for superior comfort. It has the proper shape to support your face in luxury.
    • Standard Carry Case - Our Standard Carry Case is custom fitted with a large side pocket for accessories. It is constructed of heavy-duty Cordura with padded shoulder strap and padded bottom. Available in Wine, Teal, Navy, Black and Purple and in Black for 35" tables.
    • Table Cart - Enjoy the ease of rolling your table whenever you go. Earthlite's massage table cart has a telescoping handle, 6-inch wheels, stair glides and folds very compactly.
    • Table Skate - Enjoy the comfort of rolling your table wherever you go. Our Table Skate is easy to steer. Two straps with quick release buckles secure your table with or without a carry case.
    • Side Armrest - 26" long, a pair of armrests adds 7" to the width of your table, horizontially adjustable. (side arm holes free when purchased with side arms)
    • Hanging Armrest Option - Provides greater shoulder access while supporting your client's arms. Rests against table, straps mount to headrest dowels underneath table and a sure grip knob provided to adjust to width size.
    • Footrest Option - Adds 10 inches to the length of your table.

    • Earthlite Infinity Massage Table