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Oakworks Wellspring Massage Table Packages - Massage table with uncommon strength and ergonomic portability!
  • Oakworks Wellspring Massage Table Packages - Massage table with uncommon strength and ergonomic portability!
  • Ultimate Access
  • Telescoping Legs
  • Finger Joint
  • UniLock
  • Optional Table Extender
  • Classic Face Rest (Basic Package)
  • QuickLock Face Rest (Student, Traveler, Professional)
  • Arm Hammock
  • Professional Carry Case (Traveler and Professional)
  • Essential Carry Case (Basic Package)
  • Table Cart (Traveler, Professional)
  • Air Bolster (Professional Package)
  • Swivel Stool (Professional)
  • Optional Backrest Stool (Professional)
  • Optional Fleece Set
  • Optional Flannel Sheets
  • Optional Anti-Slip Pad
  • Semi-Firm Padding
  • Firm Padding
  • Plush Padding
  • Aero-Cel Padding
  • Breast-Comfort Padding
  • UltraTouch Colors
  • TerraTouch Colors
  • Oakworks Wellspring Massage Table Packages

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  • Unlimited, unobstructed client access on all sides, from every angle, whether you are seated or standing
  • Light weight in a full size table (25-30 lbs.)
  • Multi-layer semi-firm padding standard, upgrade to Aero-Cel for the ultimate in comfort and portability
  • Reinforced construction using our patented Integra-hinge
  • Unparalleled security employing our UniLock closure system that won't break, rust or rattle
  • Loaded with 1400 lbs. before it leaves the factory to ensure it can withstand heavy use
Choose your Wellspring massage table package with one of Oakworks best time tested and trusted massage tables. Oakworks designed the Wellspring portable massage table to meet your needs for greater strength, lighter weight and better ergonomic client access all the way around the table. And now, with one of these packages, you can choose which package accessories are the best fit for your massage therapy practice.
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    The Wellspring is Oakworks' Top Performing Aluminum Framed Portable Massage Table

    The Wellspring metal portable massage table is all about the access, ergonomics, strength, durability and weight. A lightweight when carrying it, a heavyweight in strength! This is the massage table that can keep up with your busiest days. To ensure your career's longevity and your ability to accommodate any size client, you need a table that offers the unparalleled details found in the Wellspring.

    Essential Package Includes:

    • 1 Wellspring massage table
    • 1 Essential Carry Case
    • 1 Quick lock face rest platform
    • 1 Aerocel crescent facerest cushion
    • 1 6" semi-round bolster

    Traveler Package Includes:

    • 1 Wellspring massage table
    • 1 QuickLock Face Rest with Aerocel cushion
    • 1 6" semi-round bolster
    • 1 professional massage table carry case
    • 1 massage table cart
    • 1 massage table arm hammock

    Professional Package Includes:

    • 1 Wellspring massage table
    • 1 QuickLock Face Rest platform
    • 1 Boiance face rest crescent cushion
    • 1 6" semi-round bolster
    • 1 professional massage table carry case
    • 1 massage table arm hammock

    Ultimate Package Includes:

    • 1 Wellspring massage table
    • 1 QuickLock Face Rest platform
    • 1 Boiance face rest crescent cushion
    • 1 6" semi-round bolster
    • 1 professional massage table carry case
    • 1 massage table arm hammock
    • 1 flannel sheet set
    • 1 premium heated fleece pad
    • 1 premium swivel stool

    Specifications of the Oakworks Wellspring Portable Massage Table:

    • Dynamic Load: 550 lbs.
    • Weight: 25-30 lbs.
    • Widths: 29" or 31"
    • Height Range: 24"-34"
    • Standard Padding: Semi-Firm
    • Standard Top: Rectangular
    • Warranty on Upholstery: 5 year
    • Warranty on Padding: 5 year
    • Warranty on Table: Oakworks Limited Lifetime
    • Condition: New

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    Notes on this table package:

    • Shipping: Some optional accessories will be shipped in separate packages from table. Accessory price shown includes freight.
    • NOTICE: Made to order and typically leaves the factory within 5 working days.
    • "Ultimate Package" shown: Not all accessories shown are included in all packages.

    Still want to know more about this amazing aluminum framed lightweight portable massage table? Here is what the manufacturer has to say about it:

    The Oakworks Wellspring is a portable lightweight massage table that can stand up to heavy use and strong enough for heavyweight clients. Thanks to it's aluminum frame, it is a great option for massage therapists who have to transport their table long distances or carry them up flights of stairs because aluminum frames are extremely light and durable frames. Don't be confused, this is no ordinary aluminum table: it is made with an especially durable alloy called T6 aluminum which is often used for aircraft manufacturing and assembly. Because of this extraordinary material, the Wellspring massage table is able to withstand up to 550 lbs. of working weight and won't bend or break under extreme pressure like tables made with a cheaper aluminum alloy sometimes do.

    The Wellspring features telescoping legs that are simple to adjust, with the bottom portion retracting into the top section of the leg. This combined with Oakworks patented inverted truss system make the table quick and easy to fold up.

    The Complementary Suspension System conveniently tucks away the Wellspring's aircraft quality cables toward the middle of the underside of the table, giving the practitioner the leg room to sit directly against the table with their legs underneath on all four sides. This leg design makes the Wellspring perfect for modalities that require the practitioner to be seated, such as Reiki or Craniosacral therapy.

    The Wellspring is even a good table to use outdoors, since aluminum won't rust or decay, making it the perfect portable table to set up in a busy location in order to attract new clients. This type of strategy has worked for some time for owners of massage chairs who have successfully grown their practices, even in hard economic times. Often, it only takes one massage session to turn someone who has never even had a massage into a regular client.

    The Wellspring comes in your choice of different width options and different height options, so you can be sure that you are getting the best table for your needs. You can also choose from all four of Oakworks padding options, ranging from the ultra-soft AeroCel padding to the super-supportive firm padding, in any of the colors of Terra Touch PVC free massage table upholstery.

    Many of the standard options and features of other Oakworks massage tables are also found on the Wellspring. For instance, the patented Integra-Hinge and Unilock closure system add strength and convenience that is a trademark of the Oakworks brand.

    Like all of Oakworks massage tables, the Wellspring is manufactured in the United States of America, in the small town of New Freedom, Pa. Their tables have been used around the world for over 30 years by professional practitioners, amateur massage therapists and everyone in between.

    Additional general information about some Oakworks features and options. 

    • Arm Hammock - The Oakworks Arm Hammock is the "must have" massage table accessory. This unique product will comfortably and easily support your client's arms when faced down in the prone position. This versatile arm rest will easily attach to any face platform, making it the perfect table accessory. Oakworks' unique design accommodates a wider range of people, with positions that work for people from 5' to 7'
    • Professional Carry Case - Now with 19"x 24" pocket. A non-slip shoulder strap, convenient handles and dual-slide zippers take you comfortably on the road while the durable nylon case protects your massage table in style. A large, convenient pocket keeps you prepared, even when you're on the go. Available in black only.
    • CS System - U.S. Patent #6,192,809
    • QuickLock Face Rest - U.S. Patent #5,177,823
    • All Portable Tables - U.S. Patent #5,009,170
    • Semi-Firm Padding - Two and a quarter inch multi-layer, multi-density system for firmer support and comfort with easier portability. Designed for the best balance of lighter weight and comfortable support.
    • Optional Firm Padding - 1 1/2" multi-layer, multi-density system provides firm support. Designed for physical therapy and athletic training needs. Weighs 1-2 pounds more than semi-firm
    • Optional Plush Padding - 3" multi-layer, super supportive multi-density system for optional comfort and durability. NOTE: Plush padding adds about 2 pounds of extra weight.
    • Optional Aero-Cel Padding - Similar to memory foam, this padding option gives you 4" of more resilient support with a softness that conforms to the body's curves. Note that Aero-cel foam padding adds about 4 pounds of weight.
    • Optional Breast Comfort Padding - Oakworks revolutionary system for assuring both prone client comfort for sensitive breast tissue and the exceptional ergonomic advantage of our hand-saving glide zones
    • TerraTouch Fabric - With excellent abrasion and tear resistance, the TerraTouch fabric comes in a great palette of eye-pleasing colors. Not only is the TerraTouch fabric easy to clean, it is also a soft "hand" for ultra comfort while retaining its shape.
    • UltraTouch Fabric - It is even softer than TerraTouch yet holds its shape better than any other upgraded upholstery on the market. Treat yourself and your clients to the nurturing softness of UltraTouch.
    • Classic Face Rest (Basic only) - Oakworks single-position facerest lengthens your table as much as 12 inches, while providing excellent access to your client's head, neck and shoulders in prone or supine.
    • QuickLock Face Rest (not available on Basic) - Oakworks best-selling face rest is an invaluable support option, providing superior access with optimum comfort. The double articulating adjustability ensures a perfect fit for all body types and even helps with positioning clients with cervical injuries.
    • Optional Table Extender - Add 7"-10" of length to your table for the comfortable support of even your tallest clients. Folds for easy storage. 27" wide x 6.5" long
    • Ultimate Access - ensures superior leg room all the way around the table for optimal body mechanics whether you are sitting or standing.
    • Armrest (Professional only) - Adjustable Arm Rest that is convenient and easy to use.
    • Air Bolster (Professional only) - 8" Air Bolster designed with dual air chambers to adjust for clients' comfort levels. Use under knees, under pelvis, ankles or even shoulders. Lighter weight and even more versatile than foam filled bolsters. Includes pump.
    • 6" Semi-Round Bolster (Traveler) - Enjoy Oakworks premium selection, softer and more supportive than any on the market. Offered exclusively by Oakworks, these cuddly-soft bolsters comfort, position and relax your clients to make your work easier and improve treatment efficacy.
    • Essential Carry Case - It has a large pocket, comes in Large and X-Large, includes shoulder strap, handles, dual-slide zippers, and is most budget friendly. Available in black only.
    • Stool (Professional only) - The durable, comfortable stools hold up to 300 pounds and offers simple pneumatic height adjustments. The height range is measured from the top of the seat with no compression. (Available with backrest)
    • Anti-Slip Pad - This handy rubberized pad prevents your sheet from slipping while saving your upholstery from oil damage.
    • Table Fleece Set - Protect your clients from feeling chilled with an extra layer of cushioned support. Protect your upholstery from oil damage. Includes table fleece and face rest fleece.
    • Flannel Sheets - Machine-washable, luxurious, unbleached, 100% cotton flannel sheets keep your clients warm and snug. Includes one flat, one fitted and one face rest cozy.
    • Table Cart - Carry cases can only do so much to lighten the load, but with our unique table cart, you'll find travel a breeze. Oversized wheels provide balanced support, easy turning and superb obstacle clearance. Folds for compact storage.
    • Designed especially for - Swedish Massage, Structural Integration, Core, Rolfing, Deep Tissue, Myofacial, Neuromuscular, Cranio-Sacral, Reiki, Osteopathy, Zero Balancing, Reflexology, Acupuncture and Physical Therapy