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Volume 12: Basic PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) Video -

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Patrice Morency, a Certified Athletic Trainer, presents an introductory workshop on PNF stretching and its relation to athletics and Sports Massage.  PNF is an exercise system designed to reeducate the neuromuscular response, thereby creating a reduction in muscle spasm, an increase in ROM and flexibility, as well as developing strength, endurance and coordination.  Her hands-on demonstrations review the principles of PNF as well as "tense-relax" and other specific techniques.  An excellent primer to help massage practitioners understand the uses of PNF in working with a qualified professional.

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    • Chapter 1: PNF Background Information
    • Chapter 2: Spiral/Diagonal Patterns
    • Chapter 3: The Muscle Spindle
    • Chapter 4: The Golgi Tendon Organ
    • Chapter 5: The Techniques of PNF
    • Chapter 6: Hands-on Demonstrations
    • Chapter 7: Step-by-step Review

    • Length: 76 minutes
    • With: Patrice Morency, A.T., LMT, Innerweave
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