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Volume 2: Physio-Sphere Therapy (A New Modality) Video -

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P.S.T. developed by Richard M. Royster, utilizes 65cm and 85cm inflated balls in a series of exercises; and an innovative hands-on approach that enables therapists to deal more effectively with certain areas.

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    • Chapter 1: Introducing P.S.T.
    • Chapter 2: Moving Exercises
    • Chapter 3: Posterior Positions
    • Chapter 4: Anterior Positions
    • Chapter 5: Breath Awareness Exercises
    • Chapter 6: Exercises to do by Yourself
    • Chapter 7: P.S.T. for Cyclists
    • Chapter 8: Tips for Different Sports

    • Length: 36 minutes
    • With: Richard M. Royster, M.A., LMT, C.A. of the Upledger Institute
    • Condition: New
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