Massage Tables: hardwood vs softwood

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Some massage tables are made with soft wood.
This picture shows two leg pieces from two different brands of massage tables. Both leg pieces in the picture are brand new, never used. These two table leg pieces were hit against each other; can you tell which one will make a better massage table? Yes of course you can. The scary part is that unless you know what to look for you usually will not be able to tell until after you have already purchased your massage table; after it is too late.
Not all massage tables for sale today are equal. They may look the same, and they may have great sounding names and features, but clearly they are not the same. Some massage tables are made with a soft wood. Although they call them "Asian hard woods", such as Ramin, they are so soft that after 6 months of serious professional use you'll need another table. As shown in the above picture you can see these are two leg pieces from two different brands of massage tables are not created equal. These two legs were hit against each other. As you can see, the one on the bottom suffered serious damage, and the one on the top is unharmed. Heck, you can't even tell it was hit at all! The difference is in the wood. The top leg is a from a massage table manufacturer whose products we sell that uses American and Canadian hard woods. The one on the bottom is from a brand of tables that we gladly do NOT sell, and you'll find their tables at "unbelievable prices!" that are too good to pass up. Imagine what happens with each screw hole in soft wood. As you push against your client, the table gets pushed back and forth, and each screw and bolt pushes against this soft wood, and the hole gets a little bigger. Pretty soon you'll have a table that wobbles and squeaks and your clients are scared to get on it.
We know which ones!
When you purchase a table from Massage King we can tell you which tables you should, and shouldn't, buy.
Now, we know a low price can be tempting. But before you buy, be sure to take that low price from another retailer selling those "other" brands and double it because if you are a real therapist performing real therapeutic massage, and we know that in about 6 months you'll be calling us to get a real table.
Don't be fooled; save yourself the hassle AND some money and always shop from Massage King. And don't be afraid to ask us: "Is this a good table?"
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