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Fundamental Stone Set - Our most popular hot stone set!

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  • Our Chakra Set comes with stones which are meant to correspond to each of those vital areas, providing you with the best energy-match available on the market.
  • These stones are also commonly used to provide an extra hint of color to a hot stone therapy session.

Massage King's Fundamental Massage Stone Set comes complete our MassageKing set of 50 premium Basalt massage stones as described below, PLUS 7 exquisite small Chakra stones.

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Massage Stone Set includes:

  • 8 Toe Stones
  • 4 Facial Stones
  • 12 Small Stones (about 1" to 1.5" size)
  • 14 Medium Working/Placement Stones (about  2" to 3" size)
  • 6 Large Working/Placement Stones (about 3" to 4.25" size)
  • 2 Trigger Point Stones
  • 2 Palm Stones
  • 1 Neck/Pillow Stone
  • 1 Sacral/Belly Stone (4.25 - 5 inches)
  • PLUS the set of 7 small Chakra stones.
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    Massage King's Fundamental Stone Set comes complete with 50 premium Basalt massage stones, 7 exquisite Chakra stones with placement guide and hand sewn pouch.

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    • 7 Chakra Stones - correspond to the seven vital Chakra points on the body- The crown, the Third Eye, the Throat, the Heart, the Solar Plexus, the Sacral, and the Base.
    • Hand Picked - Each set of 50 stones is hand-collected. The count of each type of rock has been created through discussions with our customers.
    • Adds Diversity - This modality of massage therapy gives you one more option to attract and satisfy your customers.
    • Heat Retaining - These stones,of Basalt in South America, naturally retain heat very well.

    • 50 Certified All Natural Basalt Stones
    • 7 Large Chakra Stones with Hand Sewn Pouch
    • Chakra Placement Guide