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For the massage therapist, we have put together a collection of pillows and support cushions to make your massage session even better for your client. This category includes body cushion systems, massage pillows, pregnancy systems and bolsters.

Few things can improve client satisfaction and therapy outcomes like having your client in the perfect position when doing massage or occupational therapy.

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Oakworks Table Extender - Make your Oakworks table 7" longer!
Price: $85.00
Availability: Discontinued
Oakworks Item #: OWPTOTE -

Whether you tall it a table extender or a foot rest, having 7 more inches of table top length will enable you to support even your tallest clients. NOTE: be sure to choose the correct foam type to match your existing table so that the foam on the table extender will be the same thickness as your massage table for an even surface line. Add 7"-10" of length to your table for the comfortable support of even your tallest clients.  Folds for easy storage. ...

Oakworks Prone Pillow - Superior comfort for positive treatment!
Retail: $105.00
Price: $99.00
Availability: In Stock
Oakworks Item #: OWAPP -

The Oakworks Prone Pillow really does allow for superior face down patient positioning for any size/shape patient. Great support yet still maintains contact surfaces soft enough for comfort yet just the right amount of firmness to offer exceptional support.  The Prone Pillow design has both large vent areas for easy breathing and large enough padded areas for comfort and support. It can be used with any treatment table. The low profile design reduces cervical extension/flexion. ...

Replacement Massage Table Headrest Cushion - Replacement headrest cushion fits almost every massage table
Retail: $34.99
Price: $29.99
Availability: Discontinued
MassageKing Item #: EGAHRC -

Replacement face rest cushion for massage tables. It will fit most headrest platforms. However the velcro does not always line up perfectly but will most always line up enough so that the cushion will stay firmly in place (after all, it is impossible to design a cushion to fit EVERY pattern perfectly).  The brand of cushion you receive when ordering this specific item may not be the same brand as your table but will work with your current headrest if the platform is a flat horseshoe or...

StrongLite Cloud Comfort Memory Foam Face Rest Pad - Have your clients feel like their face is cradled in cloud!
Retail: $65.00
Price: $55.95
Availability: Discontinued
StrongLite Item #: SLCCMFFRP -

The Cloud Comfort Memory Foam Face Rest Pad fits most standard design and size face rests. The pad is 4" thick and contours to your client with a heat sensitive material that conforms to each individual face shape! This allows it to better relieve pressure points for deep levels of comfort. With a 10-year Manufacturer's foam warranty, you can count on many years of comfort for your clients!Your clients will love it!

StrongLite Sternum Pad - Add this sternum pad to your portable massage chair for better client positioning and comfort.
Retail: $40.00
Price: $38.95
Availability: In Stock
EarthLite Item #: ELABLSP -

Add this Sternum Pad to your portable massage chair for better client positioning and comfort. This sternum pad is made for the Earthlite Vortex but will fit most portable massage chairs including the Stronglite Ergo Pro II and the Earthlite Avila. Order a replacement here! Material: Premium NaturesTouch Vinyl, massage qualityCondition: NewAvailability: In Stock ...

For the best therapeutic benefits the practitioner simply has to be able to position the body in such a way that relaxes muscles, opens up tissue, and increases myofascial access. Each client is different, and the therapist needs to be able to accommodate clients of different height and body size. Sooner or later you are going to realize you need at least one, if not three, good quality massage bolster pillows. It's a good thing Massage King carries them all!

Simply having one or two bolsters is not good enough, because sooner or later you will also realize you need to be able to support the unique conditions of pregnancy. Not to worry, Massage King also carries pregnancy pillows from many manufacturers like Body Support Systems and Earthlite. Pregnancy massage can be a big part of your massage therapy practice, and a huge benefit to your clients.