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For a massage table, a massage chair, or massage supplies, we carry the BEST massage therapy and spa products, usually at better than retail prices! We carry thousands of the best products in the massage therapy industry, whether you need a massage table for out-call or in home work, a portable massage chair for developing your on-site massage therapy business. We even carry every day massage supplies such as massage oil, sheet sets, and bolsters. For all your massage therapy practice needs, and even physical therapy needs, or a chiropractic table, Massage King wants to be your one stop source. Whether you are searching for a massage table, medical table, or massage supplies including massage oil, sheets sets, or massage cream, you will find it all here. We work hard to evaluate every product we offer. We do product education and training to constantly improve our staff's product knowledge, and we work closely with our vendors and manufacturers to make sure our staff and our website have the most up-to-date information available. In addition, we are always evaluating new products, either directly related to massage, physical and chiropractic therapy, or those related to the health and well being of massage therapists, physical therapists, and their clients. We maintain a "therapist center" where we provide educational articles, massage table reviews, massage equipment manufacturer interviews, and leaders in the industry, and other items helpful to either the student or professional therapist to aid in their practice, education, and purchases. Whether you are looking to buy the perfect massage table for your home, or purchase a professional massage chair for your salon or spa, you will find that we have all the supplies you need. If you find a price lower than Massage King's listed price for the same item, we will match it! Finally, if you are looking to make bulk purchases for any type of massage table, massage chair, or therapy supplies then you have come to the right place! We are the top ranked site for massage therapy products and supplies, and a leader in the market!
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